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ETA: Well, it turned out not to be a tooth abscess, it was a tumor. We had to have Harry put to sleep. He was 19 years and ten months old.

My weekend with cats: in short, Harry had to go to the vet with a tooth abscess and Tasha got out of the house for a while. On Saturday we noticed that one side of Harry's mouth was swollen. I got him to open his mouth long enough to see yeah, it didn't look good on that side, but this was after the vet was closed for the day. I could have taken him to the A&M vet hospital, but I really wanted to avoid that. It's stressful enough for him to see his regular vet, who knows how to handle the homicidal frenzies. Harry is basically in hospice care right now and I don't want to have to explain that I am not starving him to death, he just looks like this because he's 20 and has kidney disease. And he looks so decrepit I'm afraid they won't believe me when I tell them he will try to eat their faces. So I decided to wait until Monday.

Then Troyce had to go somewhere Saturday night and took the car, and since I've been thwarted in my attempt to see Stephen Moffat's Sherlock Holmes series by it not being shown in this country, I took our battleship-sized truck out and sailed it down the road to see Inception (which I thought was awesome). But when I came home, Harry had had a lot of gastrointestinal distress all over the bedroom floor. He was in pretty bad shape, so I gave him a does of Bella's antibiotic left over from her gastrointestinal episode earlier this month. He was pretty bad Saturday night but perked up on Sunday, and ate and seemed much better. I just dropped him off at the vet a little while ago, so hopefully he'll be okay.

Also on Sunday, Troyce had gone out to go by work and go to the store, and I was upstairs working. After a while, I came downstairs, and smelled outdoor air. The back door into the garage was open, and the garage door was open. (Troyce said he locked it but it must have bounced off the latch when he closed it and stayed open a crack.) Bella and Harry were upstairs with me, so I knew they were okay, but Tasha tends to hang out downstairs in the dining room. I closed the door, and ran around the house frantically looking for her, already mentally dialing the phone to tell Troyce "YOU ARE A DEAD MAN." She wasn't inside, so I put my shoes on, ran to the door and opened it-- and there she was, tail puffed and almost as freaked out as I was. She ran in, I closed the door, and there was some hysterical relief on both sides.

It was over a 100 at that point in the day, and the concrete in the garage and just outside it was really hot, plus our neighbors across the cul-de-sac were getting in and out of cars getting ready to go somewhere, so it must have been a lot more scary than she expected. (Not the green weedy paradise filled with tasty birds that she can see out the windows into the backyard.)

Anyway, I've had enough cat-related excitement for the weekend, so hoprefully Harry's minor surgery won't have any problems.

Tasha (that's a stuffed mouse)

Harry and Bella, in one of his rare moments of not hating all the other cats and people in the world.

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Your Harry and Bella look like my Stucco and Diana. Stucco's my standard-issue tuxedo, with the same black mask, and Diana's my long-hair black cat. Yours are all gorgeous kitties.

Hee, your Bella looks like she wants to EAT YOUR SOUL! LOL

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Very sad to hear about Harry.

I'm so sorry, Martha. My love to you and T and Harry and all the kitties. He had a good long life with you.

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. It's so hard to lose a kitty, even one that's had a full, long, good life. (((hugs)))

I'm so sorry for your loss. Harry was well loved and cared for. I'm very glad you didn't have an ungoing search for Tasha on top of this.

So sorry to hear about Harry. Sudden is hard, even when it comes in long life.

I'm so, so sorry about Harry. You & T are both in my thoughts.

my condolences. I've had to let go of 3 cats ranging in age from 1 year to 16 years. I always worry that I'm being selfish and keeping them because I'm not ready. It's never easy and shouldn't be.

What a wonderful pic of Bella and Harry.

Speaking as a parent whose child had pet mice, I can unequivocally state that that is, indeed, a stuffed mouse.

Sorry for your loss. Losing a pet, well, it is never easy.

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