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Sunday morning cat photos:

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Such a very pretty girl! (is Sasha, yes? or am I completely wrong?)

Thanks! (It's Tasha, though I actually wanted to call her Sasha.)

Wow, she is so gorgeous! And she drapes herself over the piano like she knows it. Love the blue, blue eyes and smoky makeup. :-)

Thanks! She's really good at choosing effective poses. :)

Oh my what a perfect throne for her Highness.

Sometimes she sleeps on top of it, too.

Beautiful! (And I'm sure she knows it.)

What a plush cat! She knows she's decorative! I also have to say the wood on the piano is very interesting -- do you know what wood that is? Beautiful grain to it!

I'm not sure what it is -- the piano came from my husband's grandparents' house, and we inherited it from his father. It was apparently in a fire at one point, and the case had to be replaced. So the insides are actually much older than the outsides.

She's beautiful and looks right at home on the piano (which is lovely, too, BTW). I love her eyes.

Ahhhhhhhh~ I want to pet her! And rub those little thin-furred spots in front of her ears. She's gorgeous. :D

Thanks! She's just as soft as she looks, too. :)

Her daddy is not doing so good these days, he has finally decided maybe it is time to retire to being an indoor cat.

He actually let me pet him yesterday. Actually pushed his head up against my hand and briefly purred, before suddenly realizing that OMG the hooman is touching me!

Sorry to hear he's not doing too good. I hope he decides to stay an indoor cat.

Well he was feral when we moved in. The neighbors told us the previous owner had left him behind and he was a grown cat when they moved in.

So I figure he was at least a year old when they bought the house, and that would make him almost 3 when we moved in, and that over 10 years ago now. So he is at least 13 years old maybe 14 and lived most of his life feral.

The eyes have quite a chiaroscuro effect. . . .

You know it occurred to me I should take a picture of her Daddy.
I will try and do that this evening. He is so shy it is hard to get him to pose. But he is starting to look healthier. Staying inside has been good for him this summer.

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