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Today everyone will be off at WorldCon and DragonCon having fun without us. I just thought I'd point that out.

Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes! Troyce took me out last night for a great birthday dinner at out local fancy restaurant, and it was delicious. It involved Vietnamese lettuce-wrap eggrolls and duck in a blueberry reduction. Yummy. Today I am writing and doing an immense amount of laundry and trying to make it rain via the power of will.


Gregory Frost at The Liars Club: Dear thank you Burning Question: How do you deal with rejection?

It's an important thing to think about, because if you want to be a professional writer, you're going to face rejection, most likely throughout your entire career.

September is Be Kind To Editors and Writers Month That would be nice if it actually happened, but I kind of doubt it.

Interesting post from fantasy writer N.K. Jemisin on Whatever: How to — possibly — torpedo one’s own career in epic fantasy


About the posting random postless LJ comments to Facebook thing? I think it's very strange, and about the last thing Facebook needs. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Dreamwidth, and I post links to my public LJ posts on FB and Twitter, and I repost my public posts on Dreamwidth, because I have people who follow me on different services but don't have LJ accounts.

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Re the dinner, mmmmm.

I could really use some kindness from the world of writing right now, I have to say, but I tend to agree with you on doubting it.

I'm just ignoring the new LJ thing/quirkle.

Yeah, it would be nice if these "be kind" months were actually enforceable.

I'm reading Jemisin's first book right now - about 1/3 into it and enjoying it very much. I'm curious to read the second book which I know comes out in Nov. but I do rather like the characters I've encountered so far in this book, and I wonder if they're in the next, and if not, if I'll miss them.

I'm also not having fun at world con this year (and I can't go next year because it falls during my busiest week of the entire summer).

At least we'll be going to World Fantasy!

Yeah. I've seen the little facebook checkbox on comments. It really would be weird to post random comments to FB.

Thanks for the link to N.K. Jemisin's post. I'm sort of doing the same thing she is, but hopefully not totally switching genres w/ book two.

Yeah, the crossposting comments idea just doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure what LJ thinks that's going to accomplish.

If it makes you feel any better, I too am missing WorldCon and DragonCon.... poor us!

Yeah, I'd really love to go to one or both again. Hopefully I can make at least one of them next year!

Worldcon in Reno seems more do-able than usual.... wouldn't a road-trip caravan be fun? But I imagine we'll fly due to vacation constraints (I hate flying.....)

See you at FenCon, at any rate? ;-)

No, unfortunately I'm not going to FenCon. I didn't plan on any other cons this year because I didn't have anything coming out/hadn't sold anything. Next year I'll be doing a lot more.

I keep hoping Texas will win the WorldCon bid in 2013. :)

I have a friend on Facebook who is kind of the random post. Posting random comments would be just up his alley. :)

I hope it wins, too. A Worldcon within driving distance again would be pretty awesome.

I think if people do this, it's going to make Facebook look pretty darn surreal. :)

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