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Writing Questions, et al

Does anybody want to do writing questions again? If anyone has a question about anything writing-related and/or publishing in general, or in particular, comment with it here and I'll answer it in a later post, if I know what the answer is.

I'm going to do a book recs post at some point, but first I need to finish all the books I'm reading, which include Clementine by Cherie Priest (airship pirates FTW) and Blameless by Gail Carriger and Bedlam by Laura Joh Rowland.

Am plugging away on the third Cloud Roads book:

45982 / 120000 words. 38% done!

plus the YA book I'm working on with a friend.

Tropical Storm Hermine is currently raging across the state, and I'm just hoping for a little more rain.

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Raining here, and lovely. I finished Blameless over the weekend; very enjoyable--but I have to wait until next year for Heartless! Eeeee.

(Deleted comment)
Hey, thanks for the question! I hope people come up with some good suggestions for workshops and more info about cost, etc.

I'll answer the second question tomorrow, because I think that's worth a separate post.

And that's very cool about the BG booth! Thanks for telling me. :)

Wrapped up Clementine about 3 books back. Ms. Priest has done an excellent job with this series. I am more than ready for the release of #3 in the series, Dreadnought, scheduled for next month along with Scott Westerfeld's Behemoth (#2 in his series.)

I keep seeing people say that one ought to look up agents who have worked with similar books to what one is trying to publish, which seems like good advice but I haven't seen any suggestions of how to go about it. Are there ways to find out who agented a particular book, or even who a specific author's agent is without pestering the people in question?


I continue to get responses to queries that read, "Your characters are engaging and your prose smooth, but I really don't relate to magic and sorcery in a book. . . ." So what I need is someone who DOES relate to YA novels that have an element of magic or paranormal activity. People SAY they like paranormal stuff, but then they don't want witchcraft or a magical item or whatnot. You can't get the truth out of market listings. . . .

Wikipedia & Worldbuilding

Hm, I didn't know I could post here with my Facebook account... All this time! Anyhow, I love your worldbuilding in Death of a Necromancer and the Fall of Ile-Rien series, and I noticed there are some Wikipedia pages up with info about the worlds in your books, which is kind of cool.

I have three questions. The first doesn't directly pertain to writing, but I was curious if the info on Wikipedia is stuff you've posted yourself, or was this a task freely taken up by hard-core fans? Second, what inspired you to come up with your concept for etheric signatures and using special glasses with which to view them? And lastly, is there any difference in meaning when you use "aether" and "ether" in your stories or are they pretty much the same thing? (I hope I don't sound nitpicky or anything; I'm just genuinely curious!)

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