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Quick note to Twitter users: There's a serious problem. If you are on and see a tweet covered in black, don't roll your mouse over it. It's a virus. They're recommending you not use the web interface. It doesn't seem to be affecting Tweetdeck so far.

ETA: it looks like the Twitter virus is over.


Has anybody read Les Cites Obscures? (warning, that site has music) It's a Belgian graphic novel series. In this imaginary world, humans live in independent city-states, each of which has developed a distinct civilization, though all are in some way focused on architecture and architectural styles. There's another site for it here: Urbicande.

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Looks kewl ... too bad there isn't an english version.

Edited at 2010-09-21 01:29 pm (UTC)

I read a translation -- The Invisible Frontier: Cities of the Fantastic -- and was disappointed. It was one of those comics that ought to be cool and somehow wasn't. Perhaps the series as a whole is better.

Okay. I think I was afraid of that, since the art looked so good but I hadn't heard anything about it.

I don't want to put you off. I went from 'this is an incredibly cool idea' at the beginning to 'that is daft' by the end. But I suspect that if I had access to all of it I might see it in an different light. I like Euro comics. I'm just not prepared to buy the entire series.

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