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Yesterday was a bad day that could have been so much worse: There was a shooter on the UT campus. I have way too many friends who were working there, on their way to work there, walking near there when this happened.


In better news, I'll have one more Giliead and Ilias short story, called "Rites of Passage" coming out next year. It'll be in Black Gate issue 16 or 17.

These are prequel stories to the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, and the earlier ones are on my web site, linked from the Excerpts and Short Stories page.


RevolutionSF is doing a series on Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades 1940s to 1960s

Mindy Klasky: How to Support Authors You Like This is a good list, of the four simple things most people who buy books tend to do anyway.

I think the thing about people being angry for being asked to support authors was more about the trend that was talked about on Dear Author at one point, where some romance authors were recruiting readers for "street teams." Among other things that really weren't good ideas, they were telling people to take their books out of the stacks in the back of the bookstore and reshelve them on the tables up front. This is a bad, bad idea, and a bad, bad thing to do to the author and the store. Publishers pay to have certain books in that premium space, and if a sales rep checks up on the store and finds other books in their space, the store can get into a lot of trouble. Also, if stores find other books placed in that space, they're very likely to just return them to the publisher and not reorder.

And really, crazy stuff like that is never helpful. As someone points out in the comments of that post, the most helpful thing is word of mouth. If you liked a book, tell people that you liked it. In person, online, wherever. That's the best advertising (and often the only advertising) books get.

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That's so scary about the shooting. It's very sad that the shooter was in such a bad place to do that and kill himself, but at the same time, thank goodness he didn't hurt anyone else.

New story in Black Gate!! I can't wait!

Yeah, I think either he changed his mind at the last second and couldn't actually shoot anybody else when it came down to it, or the police cornered him so fast he didn't have a chance to nerve himself up to it. It's just a really horrible situation all around.

"In better news, I'll have one more Giliead and Ilias short story, called "Rites of Passage" coming out next year. It'll be in Black Gate issue 16 or 17."

Awesome! Look forward to it.

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Yes, I think it shows a complete lack of understanding for how bookstores operate, and how much work there is for the staff. I can understand the frustration, since some romance novels only stay on the shelves for a few weeks, but telling people to reshelve them is just crazy.

I really need to subscribe to Black Gate, so many great people are published there. I'll look out for that issue.

It's a very neat magazine.

I work in a bookstore and have had to deal with people relocating product they think needs to be up front! It's ridiculous, it just gets moved right back. Just the regular abandonment of product is bad enough to deal with.

Anyone suggesting to do it should be high fived... in the face.

Yep, I think it shows a serious lack of respect for other people, and the store, and the stuff in the store.


Great news about the Gilead and Ilias story! I have just re-read 'Death of the Necromancer' (it is so good!) and I'm about to re-read 'The Element of Fire' online and then I'll re-read the 'Fall of Ile-Rien' books (I love the Queen Ravenna! She is as much a character in the books as the people are!) I love your books.

I hope everyone at UT is all right - I hadn't heard of the shooting before now. That's terrible.

I'm glad to hear there's another story coming! I love Giliead and Ilias.

The gunman shot himself when the police cornered him, and no one else was hurt. It could have been so much worse, it's scary.

And thanks! :)

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