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I'm hoping I can get some work done today, since it hasn't been going well lately. Mostly because I'm hitting that middle-of-the-book slog.

On Faceplace, I was talking about Tasha and her lair in the corner of the dining room where she stores all the bug legs, lizard tails, and other bits of small moving things she's hunted down in the house and killed. Latest victim was a wasp, dead but still intact and very carefully arranged. If Tasha was a human, she would be the serial killer from Saw.

Tasha last Halloween


Writer friends from Austin visited the Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection at the Cushing Library, at Texas A&M University, the fourth largest collection in the US, and the Hundred Years Hence exhibit.

No Fear of the Future: Sci-Fi Excursion to College Station

Nicky Drayden: Writer’s Life: A Three-Hour Tour, A Three-Hour Tour

I posted about the exhibit's opening last spring here and a visit a couple of years ago to the collection's stacks here.

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LOL at Tasha. I remember a couple of years ago we stepped outside one morning to discover that one of our outside cats had killed a couple of moles, and left the dismembered bits for us in a neat line on the porch right in front of the door. Cats can be so fantastically creepy.

Mid-book slog, urgh.

I'm really, really glad we don't have mice in the house, and that Tasha doesn't want to share her bugs and so doesn't carry them up to the bed.

Whoa your cat is very cute there: it looks like a magazine photo!!

And thanks for reblogging the Cushing links, too. We're getting some good comments on those. :D

Thanks! :)

And no prob, I'm glad you're getting some comments!

No now, lets be fair, there are no cat tails in that collection.

She is not a murderer of her own kind.

She is simply keeping trophies. If she were human she would have a gun and trophy room, with huge racks of antlers on the walls.

That's true, though she's not too keen on Bella. :)

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