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Taking Writing Questions

In honor of Nanowrimomo starting next month, I thought I'd do writing questions again. If anyone has a question about anything writing-related and/or publishing-related in general, or in particular, comment with it here and I'll answer it in a later post, if I know what the answer is.

I'm still in the mid-book slog, where getting 300 to 500 words a day is good for me, even though it's much less than my usual amount. I've never done Wrinanomomo, because it just doesn't work that way for me, though I know it's great for a lot of people.

I also don't read writing advice books, though I know a lot of people find those incredibly helpful. One thing I think people should realize early on is that everyone's process for writing is different, and if your process enables you to finish a story or book, then it's a successful process, and it doesn't matter if it doesn't conform to anyone else's experience.

I'm not a big fan of conformity in general, and as I get older, I like it less and less.

Food, food, food:

I made beef stew last night, in honor of our slightly lower tempertures, and it was very successful. I got the meat on Saturday from the ranch that comes to the local Farmer's Market, and used this recipe. Though if we have red wine available I like to add that, too.

A new thing I tried recently was chicken with Thai green curry. The second try, with coconut milk, worked out much better and was yummy.


Joe McKinney: 10 Rules For Writing About Cops Joe is a writer, and a homicide detective in San Antonio.

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