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Texas Renaissance Festival

We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival yesterday, since it was the first weekend and the tickets were half-price. It was a great day, sunny and not too hot. We ended up leaving in the early afternoon, since by that time everybody in the world was on their way in and it was getting hugely crowded.

(mahoni, there was a place that had a whole trunk of stripey socks for sale. I thought of you!)

After we got back, I had the migraine/sinus headache from hell, so spent the rest of the day waiting for the medicine to kick in. It finally went away in time to watch the DVD of the new Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith. We saw it in the theater and loved it, and I wanted to see it again.

Here's some pictures from last year I don't think I ever posted:


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A whole bin full of striped socks! *______*

Those pictures are great! Are those buildings up year-round, but just used for the faire?

Headache: suck. I hope you feel better today.

Thanks! Everything is permanent. It's a huge site, most of those pictures are from the front area.

(Deleted comment)
I really need to go again someday; I worked there (and lived there for eight weeks at a time) when I was a teenager.

It's changed so much in the last couple of decades or so, there's so much new stuff, it's crazy.

I actually like Sherwood Forest Faire better, now. The site is 90% under tree cover, and it was so big it didn't feel crowded even when a lot of people were there. It's just so much more relaxing an experience.

I'm very glad you got to enjoy the day before the headache kicked in. I sincerely hope it didn't last long.

Thanks! It went away when I finally threw enough benedryl at it. :) I think it was just the sun + allergies.

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