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I'm about to run off to World Fantasy, my first one since 2005. I'm a bit nervous, so wish me luck.

I've been added to a second panel, on Sunday:

11AM Panel A20: What Is Left to the Imagination. (Fantasy fiction as the art of leaving things out.) Lawrence Connolly, Madeleine Robbins, Delia Sherman, Martha Wells (m), Gregory Wilson

See you guys when I get back!

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Good luck! Have a fantastic time!

Good luck then, but what I really wish is that I could be there. Have fun!

Good luck and have fun :)

they added you at the last minute, and as a moderator? Have fun ;)

Good luck! Sounds like an awesome panel -- sometimes I wish they had transcripts of these things...

Luck! And good con health!

Good luck, have fun, and knock 'em dead.

Good luck, woohoo! I hope you have a fantastic time! That new panel sounds great, too.

Good luck, and have fun!

Good luck, and have fun! Wish I could have made it out there to see you :-)

Hope everything goes beautifully! I'm sure it will. :)

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