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Places to Donate Books

You can make a difference with a few books. If you can't donate, please pass this info on:

From Judith Berman: Thinline (a saddle pad company) has started a book drive for a library for the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Lakota Sioux It is one of the poorest in the US.

They are looking for: They say: "ANY books (horse-related or not!) -- children's, YA, fiction, non-fiction, textbooks -- and any horse-related magazines are welcome!"

The books should be sent to:

Lakota Book Drive
ThinLine LLC
105 Hood Street #6
Durham, NC 27701

There are more donation drives for this area here at the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation web site. All the schools, elementary and high schools, need books.

Oglala Lakota College can also take donations.

(Thanks to Charles Tolliver for finding the other donation links.)

ETA: Also see More Places to Donate Books

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Martha, may I pass this on to the horse-related lists and my facebook page, which has a lot of horse people on it?

Yes, that would be great! Judith Berman originally sent out an email notice about it, and asked that it be passed on.

What an incredibly great cause. I think I know a couple places to direct this search.

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