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I love, love, love this image from Cool Vibe.

Yesterday, killalla linked me to The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's Holiday Gift Guide.

Speaking of H.P. Lovecraft, Just a Sci-Fi Kid Like Me (a blog on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection in Cushing Memorial Library and Archives) has a post on some new Lovecraft and horror fanzines that were just donated to the collection.

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That image looks like it could easily be another place in the Cloud Roads world.

Yes! That's very close to the feel I was going for in the books.

Ooh, thank you for the link!!!!! :)

My reaction when I opened that picture was saying "OH WOW" out loud. Because, WOW. So cool!

Btw, I really love how your holiday links are all about either charities or...HP Lovecraft. :D Just in case we didn't know you like Halloween better than Christmas...

Hee, it is kind of funny how that works out!

The painting reminds me of Knockma from "Element of Fire."

The part of Knockma that was under the water was upside down, though.

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