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Not much to report today. I finally got through the rewriting five chapters part and am actually working on new scenes, so that's nice.


Please check out The House of Discarded Dreams by Ekaterina Sedia Link to this post, or point it out to people who might enjoy a book with horseshoe crab biology and based on immigrant experience, a book with a non-white protagonist and drawing from a culture rarely seen in fantasy.

Laurie Halse Anderson at The Debutante Ball: Triaging Rejection Pain After years of work, you submit the manuscript. Maybe you say prayers, or light candles, or visit shrines like Mark Twain’s house and leave small offerings of cigars and pots of ink. And then you wait. For days. Weeks. Months. Sometimes years, all the while explaining to your skeptical family and friends that really, this is the way the publication process works, and you expect to be hearing from the editor any day now.

New fantasy story by J. Kathleen Cheney: Of Ambergris, Blood, and Brandy The skin of the submersible groaned, an eerie sound to hear while trapped inside its metal body. Oriana pressed closer to the viewing window. She would rather be out there, in the water.

Set every few feet along the walls of the submersible’s viewing room, the white-painted casings of small round windows dripped water onto the fine teak decking, whether from leakage or condensation Oriana didn’t know. Even so, almost two dozen finely-dressed citizens of the Golden City pressed against those windows, straining to catch a glimpse of that great work of art, The City Under the Sea.

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Ekaterina Sedia's books look interesting. Something tells me that I won't find them at the local Borders though. I've made a note to myself to remember to look for them elsewhere. Thanks for the link.

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