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John - hot

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Feeling kind of under the weather so far this week. I'm getting work done, but I'm having trouble mustering enthusiasm. Perhaps looking at Joe Flanigan will help.

Cat Looking for Home After Owner Passes Away - Houston Area Please pass this on. It really does help to get the word out.

This was going around on FaceBook: To display a list of New York Times best sellers for the week of your birth.

I think Bill Crider posted this one: Libraries of the Rich and Famous Karl Lagerfeld has a serious working library.

Doctors Without Borders report on Haiti They still need your donations.

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Hugs. Prescriptions for lack of enthusiasm: breaks for tea and cookies, reading, media viewing, jumping rope, sexy fanfiction, hot baths, kitty teasing and/or rubs, remembering you are awesome.

Oh, that sounds nice. I may do that. :)

*Chuckles* I like the avatar.

I got a kick out checking the best sellers list. I don't think my favorite book shop carried those titles anymore though.

I hope Sunny, the cat has found a new home. He sounds like a darling to have.

Colds are running rampant at my end too. Better call Mr. Vitamin C. :D Good luck with work! I've been swimming from one draft to draft and still feeling stuck. Hahaha

Amy just posted that Sunny is doing a week try-out at a potential new home, to make sure he can get along with the other cat. So hopefully that will work out!

Thanks, and yeah, it seems like everybody I know is having cold or allergy problems right now.

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