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I woke up with allergy-related vertigo this morning. It made getting down stairs and back up with the cat food entertaining. (We have to feed them upstairs because Bella reverted to her belief that the downstairs is evil and the haunt of monsters.) It's mostly gone now, as the various fluids in my head have settled into a better configuration.

I posted a second teaser chapter of The Cloud Roads on my web site.

Some other links:

France For Rent. I like to look at beautiful places I can't afford.

Tweeted by Victoria Strauss: Sisters in Crime's survey of Mystery and Crime Fiction Market

The study found that the majority of mystery/crime fiction buyers are women (68%) over the age of 45 (66% ). Buyers in the 18-to-44 demographic purchase 31% of the mysteries sold.

Some 48% live in the suburbs, 27% in rural areas and 25% in urban areas. The South accounts for 35% of sales, followed by the West (26%), Midwest (20%) and Northeast (19%).

Bricks-and-mortar stores sell 39% of all mysteries, with library borrowing accounting for approximately 20% and online purchases 17%.

And here's a picture of Bella:

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Bella lives up to her name.

I got dizzy yesterday, too, though I'm not sure if it was for the same reason.

Yay The Cloud Roads, yay!

The allergy-related kind always seems to happen in the morning, and goes away after I've been sitting up for a while.


You really should not disseminate that information about readers of crime/mystery novels. If word gets out that it's not men 18-35, then the mystery genre will be canceled.

I know! Hopefully they'll never discover how many women like SF/F.

You know that even if they do discover that, they'll just ignore it. MENS RULE!!!! Or something extra stupid like that.

Glad you're feeling better. Bella looks like she's not coming out any time soon.

Thanks! Yeah, she's in for the duration. :)

The cedar can go away just any minute now. Really.

Yeah, it's been really bad this year. Does cedar even have a season down here? It seems like it just releases pollen at will, all year long.

Just finished reading the two chapters you have posted, and I'm looking forward the reading the entire book even more.

I have a kitty cube for my guys and JT loves it like crazy. However, when he's in it, you don't see any of the interior. All you see if fat, furry cat. LOL

Thank you!

That's the way Tasha looks when she's in her basket, it's barely big enough for her now.

(Deleted comment)
I get that at night, if I sleep on one side too long.


After watching HGTV the other night I want to buy an old stone farmhouse in Sicily, dagnabit.

I love watching House Hunters International for places like that.

Ugh. Allergies around Austin have been awful lately... I'm back on antihistamines again. The changing weather isn't helping, my sinuses are sad, and my tinnitus is screamin'!

Isn't it odd to feel the fluids in your head sorta oozing around like that? Ick.

Yeah, I'm getting the tinnitus off and on, too. It's really a pain.

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