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This is the week where I need to get a bunch of stuff done. Take Tasha for her vet check-up, take the Prius for its car check-up, make doctor appointments for me. I've pretty much broken down and decided to go ahead and get an eye exam for new glasses, even though I can't afford new glasses. (I got some last year, but the eye doctor I'm not going to anymore changed my prescription and I can't see, and it's getting worse, and our insurance won't cover a new pair until next year.) I'm getting really tired of not being able to see. I think if I can just get new lenses and have them put into the old frames, that will be cheaper.

There's a quote from Without Lying Down, where one of women writer/directors was talking about Rudolph Valentino, and his trademark intense stare. She said he had terrible eyesight and he wasn't trying to seduce you, he was just trying to see who you were. That's how I've felt lately.

Kameron Hurley linked to: Lilith Saintcrow: REVIEW: The Gift of Fear, Or, Figure Out Who’s REALLY Going To Kill You I've heard about this book before and seen the author talk about it, and his experiences with helping stalking victims.

These are female problems. As de Becker himself points out, there’s a basic rift in our society: at bottom men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them. Women are also socialized to make us good victims, another thing de Becker deconstructs. We’re taught to play nice, get along, make someone feel better, let someone down easy. Even if we do feel uneasy, or if our intuition tells us something is off, we’ll play along just to be nice.

Writer Beware: A Warning about First One Publishing's Writing Contest

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I spent a lot more time wearing my glasses instead of my contacts last year, which seems to result in my eyesight changing faster than otherwise. Or else wearing my glasses more makes the change more noticeable? I don't know, but either way I have been waiting for the year mark to pass so I can go get new lenses and it just did. Thank goodness. I am getting tired of having to tilt my head back to see distances when I'm wearing my glasses.

(That quote about Valentino reminds me of John Lennon -- in early photos of the Beatles performing, Lennon always has his head tilted back, like he's looking down his nose. I read in a book years ago that people thought he either had the mic set at the wrong height, or that he was kind of arrogant, but it was actually that since he didn't wear his glasses on stage he was just trying to see the audience as more than a big blur.)

I hadn't heard that about Lennon! I think people tend to forget that when someone, even an actor, singer, etc, wears glasses, they probably aren't doing it just to be fashionable.

I used to wear contacts, but my allergies cause problems with them and I don't think I see as well at night in them. Which becomes a big issue when I'm driving.

Eyemasters is having a really super-duper sale. You might check them out. And if you have a Costco membership, they have very inexpensive frames that don't suck (I love mine).

I'm definitely going to check them out. That's where Troyce has been going and he's had good luck with them.

glasses-wise do you have anything liker or similar in the states. I was stuck with a new prescription and glasses I couldn't afford and was able to find a cheap pair I liked from there. I'm not shilling but it was a really good deal and I have no issue recommending them... not sure if they deliver state side though...

I don't think we have anything like that here, but we do have some discount places that will have pretty good sales sometimes.

I almost always change prescriptions but keep the frames, and it is cheaper. I tend to switch prescriptions every year or two, but keep the frames through one or two prescriptions. The eyeglasses person will tell you if the frames are in good enough condition that they can make the switch.

I really like doing this because I hate finding a pair of frames that I really, really like. Cause they're going to be on my face almost every day and so I should really like them.

Yes, I only got these frames last year, and I still like them, so I really hope they can just put new lenses in. And it's hard for me to find frames I like, too.

If you have frames that you like and you can still read the brand and type on the ear piece, check online or ask the optician if they're still available. I've had the same model for at least 20 years and that's with 5 or 6 pairs at least. It also allows you to see what colors are available. I've had red, green, and blue/purple versions. The last time, the optometrist was giving me crap because the style was so old. Yeah, it's so much fun to try to decide whether you like a particular frame with a prescription of -10 diopters.

Yeah, I really hate trying to pick out new frames. I have to get three inches from the tiny mirrors to be able to see myself.

I finally read your teaser for The Cloud Roads and I'm really looking forward to the book. Congratulations on the publisher's weekly great review.

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My problem is I need bifocals now. Also, I have to get the ultralight lenses, or whatever they're called, otherwise they would be thick as coke bottle bottoms.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, thanks very much, I'll check that out!

As a writer I think being able to see would represent an overwhelming need. Not that blind people can't write books but I think they generally have software and such you don't have access to. :)

Yeah, I don't think I could write with the dictating software that some people use. :) And the eyestrain is giving me headaches!

Ma'am, your post has moved me to comment. I've been a reader of yours since I read "Death of the Necromancer" over ten years ago. Sadly, the only books of yours I still own is the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, because all the others I've purchased -- and then thrust into various friends urging them to "read, read, read!" --have never been returned. Hope to build the library back up someday and self-enforce a strict NO-LOAN policy.

Anyway, it just annoys me no end -- and although good manners suggest I really should keep my yap shut, because I'm talking about something of which you are certainly (and painfully, I'm sure) well aware, but I'm in full-on rant mode right now, so please forgive me -- but I just CANNOT understand how the writer of "Death of the Necromancer" has to struggle to get a new pair of flipping glasses! It's just wrong. "Twilight" sells a kazillion copies, and the writer of one of the finest works of fantasy in the last century has to wait to get new glasses.

Miss Wells, I'm turning 50 next week and in that half-century I have been spellbound by only four books: The Hobbit, A Princess of Mars, The Stars My Destination and Death of the Necromancer. To be sure, I have greatly enjoyed many, many authors and read hundreds and hundreds of books over the years -- but only four times have I read a book that held me almost literally hypnotized and ensorcelled from page one to the end. I do my best to pass your name along to friends when I can, and I wish had more of a bully pulpit to do so. You are writing fantasy at the Lord Dunsany level of eloquence and invention -- and I can't think of much higher praise. Very soon, I hope, worrying about glasses will be the least of your concerns. Good work, wonderful work, somehow finds its way to the arms of readers, and your work will be no exception.

Well thanks very much, I really appreciate that. :) Don't worry about me, I'll be able to get the glasses.

And thanks for recommending the books to friends, that really does help get the word around.

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