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Got Bella back from the vet late yesterday afternoon. Her distended fang has been removed, and it was an infected root that was pushing it out. She had a shot for pain before she left the vet, so she was very stoned last night. I have to give her antibiotic drops and take her back in ten days for a check-up.

My allergies are either crazy bad or I have a cold in my nose. Fortunately I think I got pretty much all the dirt moved yesterday. There's still some on the front yard, but not so much as to be horrifying for the neighbors. I was thinking about going out to the co-op today to see if they had cheap vegetable seedlings, but I may not, as I've got some other stuff I want to take care of.


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Poor Bella! Hope she recovers quickly.

I'm guessing allergies -- although after a con, a cold is always a distinct possibility. But allergies seem likely, based on the coating of yellow pollen all over our black car the past few days!

Thanks! She's eating and sleeping well, so I think she's going to be fine.

I think it must be allergies, too, with all the weather fronts coming in.

The tree pollen is going crazy up here, so I suspect you're even worse down in Cedar Country...

Yes, and we haven't had any good rain to wash it out of the air, too.

Poor Bella, and poor you! I hope you're both feeling better very soon. I think the molds are up, I've certainly been sneezing like crazy and that's what gets to me.

Thanks :) Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the molds, what with the sudden warm weather.

Poor Bella. I hope she feels better soon.

Hope you're doing better soon, too. Cold or allergies either one can be miserable.

Thanks, the vet said she should feel better pretty quickly, and I think she does.


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