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Writing Income Poll

Oh, I remembered what I was going to post today. (sick with cold brain no like think.) jimhines has been posting his writing income for the past few years as a reality check on the idea that writing is an easy way to get rich, etc.

Since I just recently figured out my writing income this year for taxes, I thought I would do the same. But to make it more fun, I'll do a poll, and then post the results with the actual answer next week.

Poll #1709862 Martha's 2010 Writing Income

What was Martha's Writing Income for 2010?

Above $20,000
$15,000 - 20,000
$10,000 - 15,000
$5,000 - 10,000
Below $5000

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I don't understand, where's the "Above 500,000" check box? ;)

LOL Yeah, I thought about adding some upper ranges just for fun, but it didn't seem fair.

Sadly, I'm sure mine is way below yours...

Wait until you start selling novels!

Then we'll both be in the 500K group!

Oh, wait...

(Deleted comment)
Very cool! :) It was great seeing you, too.

I'm hoping I'm right but fearing it's lower.

Aw, come on, we all know you famous authors are rolling in dough! ;D

I'm hoping it was more, but hoping even harder that 2011 will be much more!

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