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Writing Income Poll Results

First off, the writing income poll results.

Everybody had a realistic selection, but only 15 people (on LJ) picked it correctly: My writing income for 2010 was Below $5000. Not too far below fortunately, but below. This year is a bit of an all-time low. Before 2010 it has been between $5000 - $10,000, which the majority chose, but not last year.

My cold got a lot worse over the weekend, and sat in my chest like a giant chest-troll, so I didn't get much of anything done over the weekend. It is better this morning (you can't hear me trying to breathe from across the room) so hopefully today will continue better.


Podcastle Wants You PodCastle wants you! We’re continually looking for volunteers of all backgrounds and ethnicities to read the cool stories we’ve bought. So if you’re listening to this, and you’ve ever wanted to read for PodCastle, or any of the Escape Artists podcasts, and you have recording equipment, we’d love for you to send us an audition.

The Reader's Advisor: HarperCollins wants to limit libraries to only 26 ebook downloads. This is crazy and seems to be an idea conceived by someone who has never used a library before. The link has a round-up of discussion links and also the email address where you can complain to the publisher. (Note: readers/book consumers complaining to the publisher is the only thing that works in this situation. The authors have no control over it, and the publishers don't listen to author complaints.)

Locus: An overview of International Science Fiction and Fantasy compiled by Jeff VanderMeer.

Something pretty: Tane Mahuta at the Atlas Obscura.

ETA: forgot that I meant to answer this writing question that came in over the weekend here:

ckgarver asked: Oooh, so "The Serpent Sea" must be a Cloud Roads sequel, right? I'm so relieved, you have no idea. Not that I've even finished the Cloud Roads yet--i've actually been reluctant to, fearing that it would just be a one-off like City of Bones (I'm still waiting for a sequel to that one). Oh, and while I'm here...I don't suppose you ever contemplated a prequel to Death of the Necromancer? Just a short story, maybe, on Nicholas' childhood and adoption by Edouard? I bet Nicholas was a truly appalling child :)

The Cloud Roads is a stand-alone story, and The Serpent Sea is the next book in the series. It's the same world, same characters, and starts not very long after The Cloud Roads ends. But The Cloud Roads was originally written to be read by itself.

I've contemplated a prequel to The Death of the Necromancer, but not so much about Nicholas' childhood but more a short story about an early adventure with him and Reynard. Not sure if it's ever going to get written.

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And to think I clicked that halfway in jest. Only half, everything I've done research for suggests that you aren't going to make a living as a writer unless you either write a half dozen novels a year or manage to become hugely popular.

Rob H.

Even if you don't write it, outlining it may be good. Character background/

What do we win for guessing correctly?

A sense of vague satisfaction, tinged with the disappointment that comes with pessimism turning out true?

lol Yep, that's pretty much it.

I, too, vote for either a prequel or sequel to Death of the Necromancer. Something that continues that storyline.

I think Reynard is a fascinating character and worth exploring. Hope you manage to find time to work with a prequel or sequel to Death of the Necromancer.

Thanks, I like Reynard a lot too. But I don't really think that's going to happen, except as maybe a short story. It's not a question of time, but of finding a publisher who would be interested. The last three Ile Rien books didn't sell very well.

That's truly appalling. I was way over. I'm forever cautioning friends who think they're the next J.K. Rowling that it's not that easy. It's even harder than I knew.

I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better!

Thanks! I can tell I'm less congested, so I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be closer to back to normal.

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