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I posted about our house issues back here, and yesterday the contractor got started fixing them. So far the porch pillars are now reconnected to the porch at both top and bottom, the bathroom floor has been stripped off, a bad piece of the subfloor replaced and the water issue dealt with, and it's now waiting for Floor Guy to come and reinstall floor, then for the fixtures to be put back in place. I painted it last night, since it really needed it, and it's a lot easier to do when the toilet and sink aren't in it. The roof leak was judged to be more serious than they thought at first, so a roofer is coming to deal with that.

I actually got quite a lot of writing done while they were here. Having other people working in the house makes me want to work too, apparently.

This art at CoolVibe is just really neat: Hidden. Our house doesn't look like that, though. Well, sort of. We don't have a basement or a swamp.


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