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Stargate Monuments

Ent Pictures

Here's the Ent pictures from Sherwood Forest Faire, promised in this post.

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That's a seriously impressive ent.

I actually saw a better one at the other big Renfair once. It was a woman with stilts on her feet and hands, with a costume with more vines and flowers. I think she was actually meant to be a dryad, but she could have passed for an Entwife.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

And that's our friend Robert, talking to it, in fact. Did you guys get a chance to catch one of his Shakespeare shows?

We didn't stop to see any shows, we mostly just wandered around and talked. :)

That's a pretty cool ent.

We used to have an awesome Ent at our Fair, with stilts for hands and feet, and he had rootlets that looked as if they burrowed into the ground (they were weighted so they landed with a clod sound). He left a few years ago and was replaced by a hamadryad, up on stilts, too, with tree limbs rising above her with apples on them and garlands of flowers wrapped around her "trunk" and up into her hair.

These sorts of characters make the Fair fun - and adds lots of nifty photo-ops.

The hamadryad sounds a lot like the one that was out at the Texas Renaissance Festival several years ago -- she was fabulous.

In case you are interested...

The fellow inside is the husband of a girl we used to When I saw him a while back, Heather gave me this info to post on Flickr:

Using artistic, disciplined craftsmanship; and intelligent, creative, interactive performance, Tree of Life reconnects audience members young and old with humanity’s inherent relationship with Trees—and by extension, Nature—to inspire wonder, positive stewardship, and good human behavior now and in future generations.

Wise are they who plant a tree under whose shade they will never sit

Tree of Life is a Texas company specializing in anthropomorphic tree character construction and performance. It has been combining the focus and talents of Michael and Heather Shaffer since 2007. "tree hugger"

Re: In case you are interested...

Oh, that's neat!

That's pretty darn cool. :)

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