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Three cat things:

I mentioned a while back that after Bella came back from having one of her front fangs removed (due to infection), that Tasha treated her like a completely strange cat, with hissing, growling, etc. This has been going on for weeks. Anyway, the other day I saw Tasha sniffing Bella very hard right at the spot on her mouth where the fang was. Since then there's been the occasional hiss and growl, but Tasha seems to be getting over it and maybe willing to acknowledge this is actually the same cat she's been living with all this time.

Tasha keeps trying to play with me like I'm another cat, but can't quite figure out how to do it. She'll dart at me just as I come down the stairs, then stop at the last instant and look puzzled. She wants to jump on me and knock me down, but can't quite figure out how she's going to do it. I'm lucky Harry never wanted to play like this, because at twenty pounds, he probably would have been able to knock me down. And then eat me.

The new "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercial has a bit where the typical thing happens where you're cooking in the kitchen and the cat jumps up on the counter. Except his cat is a cougar. I love those commercials.

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I saw that commercial the other day, and had to laugh. I love how he tells the cougar to get off the table, and it does. :D

While shaking the wooden spoon at it! It's perfect.

Oh, I haven't seen that one yet! I did like the really short one where he talked about women preferring men who are not Fast.

Have you seen the competitor who is trying to do a young man version of the concept, where the guy is a 3-ring circus in a formal dinner jacket? Amusing, but not as sexy. Confidence plus some real modesty is always sexier.

I haven't seen that one. It's funny when another company tries to duplicate something like that, and it's clear they don't get why it was successful in the first place. Each little vignette is intriguing and implies a lengthy story, and each one makes you like the main character.

This was a big name beer, also foreign, I think -- it plays evenly as parody and the young man version of "I can do all that and at my age!" So I am being kind and assuming they're trying to be funny. It's too long -- I haven't wanted to watch it a second time -- but there is none of the "vignette out of a long, fascinating life that you're being invited to join the story" feeling. None of what makes the others so much fun, in other words.

Just saw the new one. I pointed out that the COUGAR got off the counter when asked. Merlyn pointed out that I was not the most interesting man in the world, and did not have his presence.

That's strange how cats react to changes like that. One of mine had to go in for a scary, gaping laceration in his thigh (though he never once behaved as if it bothered him!), and he had to wear one of those cones on his head to keep from aggravating it.

Boy, the other kitty didn't like that. Lots of hissing and avoiding whatever room he was in.

I love those commercials, as well, especially the radio ones. "His garden maze is responsible for more missing persons than the Bermuda Triangle... He went to a psychic warn her." Lol.

LOL, that's a good one! I haven't heard the radio version yet.

Most Interesting Man in the World

I love those commercials, too. Stay thirsty, my friend. :-)

It's a good thing I actually like Dos Equis or I'd be in trouble.

Re: Most Interesting Man in the World

I don't even drink beer -- I wish he advertised for wine. ;)

I've never seen these commercials. What are they for?

They're for Dos Equis beer.


That is one dangerous cat you raised there.

That fang thing is so mysterious! My cat had one of her fangs out last year, and the other cats didn't seem to care but she started acting like a completely different cat. She's an indoor cat, and on the rare occasion that she did go out she'd skulk around the porch for a few minutes before she was begging to come back in. But after the fang came out she was outside constantly. And she kept licking the bricks and the sidewalk out there compulsively. It lasted maybe about a month before she went back to being an indoor cat again. Really strange.

Huh, that's interesting. Bella has been playing a bit more since she got the fang out, probably just because her teeth don't hurt anymore.

Cats are so strange sometimes, aren't they?

We have much hissing and some low growling going on since I brought the little cat in out of the rain. It's settling down some and there have been no fights, but I try to watch them just in case.

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