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The Cloud Roads

Genre for Japan Auction in the UK

I had a great time at AggieCon, and I'll try to do a report later today or tomorrow. The weekend was great, except for the sad news that author Diana Wynne Jones passed away.


The Genre for Japan auction is open for bidding! The auction is in the UK so all prices are in pounds. (If you're in Europe or the UK and couldn't afford shipping for the US-based auctions, this is a great one to check out.) Lots of incredible stuff is available. The autographed copy of The Cloud Roads is here. Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested!

There is a GoodReads Giveaway of five signed copies of The Cloud Roads starting today and running from March 28 through April 28. If you have a GoodReads account (it's free to get one) you can sign up and at the end of the month GoodReads will randomly choose the winners.


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