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A few links for Sunday:

A great review of The Cloud Roads from Adventures Fantastic

From Rogue Blades Entertainment's Home of Heroics blog: The Flying Manicurist: For sheer amazing heroics there are few people who can match this… manicurist. She was also a beauty shop owner, a laundress, a chili cook, a college drop-out and a farm hand.

And for a brief time, from 1921 to her death in 1926, she was "Queen Bess", the first African-American woman pilot and a barnstorming sensation. Bessie Colman was someone who not only had a dream and achieved that dream, but was determined to open a path for others.

Google News about the LJ downtime: Russian bloggers accuse authorities of cyberwar MOSCOW — The LiveJournal blogging site, hugely popular in Russia, on Wednesday fell victim to a major cyber attack that bloggers said appeared an attempt to to silence political discussion ahead of elections.

Atlas Obscura: Telegraph Island – Jazirat al Maqlab and Tonina

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This is a nice review. I'm hoping that your book gets lots of press and word-of-mouth raves. It deserves it.

Thank you! I hope so too. :)

That article on The Flying Manicurist was really interesting, Martha! Thanks for sharing. :)

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