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Last chance to enter the drawing for a free copy of Well of Sorrows by Benjamin Tate! I'll draw the winner in about an hour. ETA: and we have a winner! shanrina

Good: My new lenses came in a couple of days early, and I had them put into my old frames, and now I can see again, yay! The people on TV have distinguishable features again! I'm not squinting all the time!

I picked the second squash from our first-time vegetable bed today for dinner. All the plants are different sizes for some reason (they were all planted on the same day) but if the squash continues to ripen at different rates it'll be good. Because otherwise we're going to suddenly have a lot of squash. Like, we'll have to hold the First Annual Squash Festival in our backyard.

Not good: The wind was intense yesterday, we skipped spring completely and went straight to June, and the drought is so bad and it's so dry we have fires all over the state. There's a small chance of rain today, so cross your fingers for us.

FAQ: A few people have asked, so I wanted to post it here. Yes, there is a sequel to The Cloud Roads. It's called The Serpent Sea, it's set in the same world, same characters, and starts out shortly after The Cloud Roads ends. Like The Cloud Roads, it is a complete story in itself. I'm not sure exactly when it will be out yet, but it should be sometime next year.

Link: Robin D. Laws: Where Bad Writing Advice Comes From

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Congrats on the new glasses. It does make a great difference, that whole being able to see thing...

It really does. Oh, and I meant to comment the other day and tell you that jewelry you bought is really pretty. Those tiles in Portugal are gorgeous!

One of these days we'll get to go of these days...

I just recently finished The Cloud Roads and found your site while searching to see if there would be a sequal. I have to say I loved it, and cant wait for The Serpent Sea! This is the first I have read of your work, and also plan to check out your other books in the near future.

I was also wondering something about Cloud Roads. I just read the short story The Forest Boy and was wondering what came first, Forest Boy and later deciding to further develop the character/world, or the idea for Cloud Roads and Forest Boy being written as a prequal?

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

The Cloud Roads came first, actually. I wrote it in 2007-2008, and it took about two years for my agent to find a publisher. I wrote The Forest Boy as a prequel in summer 2009, I think.

In my experience and that of most gardeners I've known, growing squash of any sort usually results, sooner or later, in the need to hold a massive squash festival. Or at least randomly gift everyone you known with baskets of it. It may start slow, but eventually it's like tribbles.

Yeah, there are a lot of them starting to come in right now. I can see why squash became a popular crop -- we could feed a large amount of people with a relatively small number of plants.

It's amazing the difference being able to focus on the small-stuff makes. It was only when I got my new glasses that I realised how many things I was just no longer bothering with because I couldn't see properly.... I'm now reading the cooking instructions rather than just making an educated guess!

Great to hear that The Serpent Sea is forthcoming. I loved The Cloud Roads - it made me remember why it is exactly that I love fantasy.

Yes, I realized I'd been doing the same thing, just giving up on trying to focus on anything at a distance.

Thank you very much! :) When I was writing it, I was trying to get back the same feel I got from the fantasies I read when I was a kid. Glad you enjoyed it!

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