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We had a 40% chance of rain yesterday, and yet it did not rain. Drought is forecast to continue...forever. The TV weather this morning had a little glyph of flames. morfin thinks it meant that it's going to rain fire and they're afraid to tell us. Galveston is on water rationing and the only thing that surprises me about that is that we weren't planning to go there this weekend.

Where I am going to be this weekend: I have a book signing in Houston, this Saturday April 30, 4:30, at Murder by the Book. If you can't be there, you can call or email the store to order signed copies.

Bill Crider has a new YA mystery on kindle: The Girl Who Wanted to be Sherlock Holmes When there's a murder at her high school, Shirley's determined to find the killer, along with Ralph, her willing "Watson." THE GIRL WHO WANTED TO BE SHERLOCK HOLMES is fast and fun for all ages.

Black Gate 15 is a special warrior women issue. Eight authors — Jonathan L. Howard, Maria V. Snyder, Frederic S. Durbin, Sarah Avery, Paula R. Stiles, Emily Mah, S. Hutson Blount, and Brian Dolton — contribute delightful tales of female warriors, wizards, weather witches, thieves, and other brave women as they face deadly tombs, sinister gods, unquiet ghosts, and much more. and it has a lovely cover by Donato Giancola.

Writer A.M. Dellamonica is is about to start her online writing course again: My UCLA Extension Writers' Program course, "Creating Universes, Building Worlds," is officially open for students this week. This is a ten-week course that runs online, available to anyone in the world (well, fifteen anyones, anyway). Classes start on June 29th and run to September.

And SF Signal reviews The Cloud Roads!

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(Deleted comment)
Yep. When I was studying archeology, we collected fossil pollen from a Mimbres site around 1000-1100 AD, and you could see how much greener New Mexico was at that time.

Even with Gov'ner Rick's Pray For Rain initiative... no dice. Though we did get a little drizzle on Monday, it was basically enough to make it muggy, not wet.

Looks like we may get the same again today.

Sometimes, when you flip a coin, you end up with a long, long, long string of heads. sigh

I would happily send you some of the rain we've been having where I live (Toronto). There's been rather a lot of it lately...

Thanks for the plug, Martha. Sorry to miss the signing. We'll be in Austin for the World Horror Con.

Yeah, I forgot all about WHC when I scheduled the signing. :) Have fun at the con!

I am definetly planning on being there.

See ya!

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