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Good news: I had a great dinner last night at Khyber. Tomato masala curry with chicken, saag paneer, and a mango lassi, all yummy.

Bad news: This is what the back of my laptop looks like:

It's still working. I'm typing on it right now. I don't know how, since the battery won't go back in and frankly it's a little melty in there and smells funny. I hope it lasts long enough for me to get it looked at and fixed, or to find some money to get a new one if it's terminal. I've always been lucky with Macs; I tend to use them anywhere from twelve to sixteen hours per day, and I've always ending up with ones that were willing to cheerfully die in service to my writing and internet habit. My last one had a slow hard drive failure but went down fighting, clinging to life by its virtual fingernails, lasting just long enough to copied onto this one before it turned into a brick.

(I have a book signing in Houston today (April 30), 4:30, at Murder by the Book. If you can't be there, you can call or email the store to order signed copies.)

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(Deleted comment)
Important safety tip, thank you! :) Hopefully I can just get a new battery then -- that would be awesome. I think I got this laptop in summer 2009, so I'm pretty sure the warranty is expired.

Second adriannem's advice. The battery is done. Stick a fork in it. (Not literally.)

(Deleted comment)
Ok, that's weird. Good luck at getting it fixed in time!

Coincidentally, on Thursday, I lured my co workers to a local Nepalese/Himalayan restaurant for lunch. They went for relatively mundane buffet choices...I went for Momos, Yak and chicken...

Wow, did one of the cats get rambunctious with it? I hope you have all your files backed up!

Bad about the computer.

Good about the Indian food, though! Since it's one of the few that I'm allowed to eat in my new life, I now wish I was there :-). It sounds like it was wonderful. (Except for the lassi,lactose intolerant, so never could have that. But I would've eaten the rest of it with you, no problem attall!)

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