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Good news: My laptop is fixed! It was really good that we were actually in a city with an Apple Store, because it would have been a pain in the ass to do this at home via mail, phone, etc. As it was, we just made an appointment at the Genius Bar in the Galleria store, then when it was our turn I set the exploded battery (see previous post) on the counter and said, "So, this happened," and they said, "Free battery for you!" and that was it.

My signing at Murder by the Book also went very well, as usual there. We had cookies, I did a brief reading from chapter one of The Cloud Roads, answered a few questions, signed books, signed stock, and the books that had been bought via email, then hung out and talked a bit with friends. My only regret was that I was kind of frazzled from worrying about the laptop and so on, and couldn't concentrate enough on the used book sale the store was having to find anything I wanted. It's a fabulous store with a giant selection of new and used mysteries, plus some new YA and SF/F, and I highly recommend it. They still have some signed copies of The Cloud Roads and you can buy one by emailing or calling the store, if you can't get there in person.

I also have a new post at The Night Bazaar this morning, called Writing Media Tie-ins. I wrote about my two Stargate: Atlantis books, and my huge love for SF/F TV and fanfic and media fiction.

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I'm so glad the laptop was such an easy fix! The one time I had to go to the Genius Bar it was relatively painless. That you got the battery for free is just icing. :)

The signing going so well is also wonderful.

Just finished Cloud Roads. Loved it.

I might hate Apple for being the next Microsoft (in terms of being Evil) (they're infringing on my monopoly on being evil! And they're not even paying me royalties!) but my hat is off and I'm raising a glass in toast that you got a free battery from Apple for your laptop. :)

Rob H.

I've always been very happy with Apple service!

Hooray for quick, cheap, easy fixes!

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