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Some links below about women and writing. Regarding Laura's link, I never thought about taking a male or gender neutral pseudonym when I was first starting out, mainly because some of my favorite fantasy writers were women. Also, when I was growing up on SF/F, I never paid much attention to the gender of the authors I was reading. But I've thought lately that I probably wouldn't have had nearly as many problems in my career if I had used a gender neutral name.

From Catherine Lundoff: Beyond Her Book Last week the earth shattering news hit that high school teacher Judy Buranich writes erotica as Judy Mays. Horrors!! An English teacher who writes.

Book Rec: Up Against It by M. J. Locke It's a hard SF adventure, with great characters in a tense situation, fighting for the survival of their asteroid city.

M.J. Locke is pseudonym for writer Laura J. Mixon, and she talks about her decision to write her new book under a gender-neutral name here: But here’s what my conscience is saying. By abandoning my previous byline, I’ve left some of my readers feeling abandoned, as if their loyalty didn’t matter. And by choosing a gender-neutral byline, I prioritized my own success over my commitment to my fellow women in SFF and science.

And a review of me:
Adventures Fantastic: Long Looks at Short Fiction: The Forest Boy by Martha Wells I got a very nice review of my short story "The Forest Boy," which is a prequel to The Cloud Roads and is available free on my web site.

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Yep, I was in a bookstore not that long ago where a male customer told the clerk he refused to read books by women.

Mixon could also look at a neutral or male pen-name as leading to useful evidence. For example, 'Tiptree's work, having been well-regarded under the male name, could not be so easily dismissed when revealed as 'woman's writing'.

Thanks for posting that link to MJ/Laura's post, Martha - I found it very interesting. And I'm also very interested in your comment about your choice to use your own name possibly being a negative thing for your career. I'd originally thought to use a pseudonym, mostly to keep my engineer identity separate from my writer identity - and I'd figured I'd choose a first name that was at least quasi-ambiguous (e.g. Riley). But the NS folks felt there was no longer any strong reason to use a gender-neutral name, especially in fantasy - and after talking to some pro writers who use pseudonyms who said it was a PITA and better avoided unless needed to reboot a career, I decided to stick with my real name. But I do wonder soemtimes if it will hurt me.

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