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Monday again! Despite not feeling well on Friday, I had a pretty good weekend. I got some good news, which I don't know if I can post about yet. And I got some more good news, in that The Serpent Sea, the sequel to The Cloud Roads, will be starting the editorial process later this month. I don't know when it'll be out yet, and I'll post that as soon as I know.

I also finally got some new material done on the third untitled Cloud Roads book. (This series really needs a name, since it actually looks like it's really going to be a series now, though the third book isn't sold or even spoken for yet. I'm trying not to be too optimistic.) I've got between 60,000 and 70,000 words completed, but I've been taking parts out, putting them back in, moving things around, and being generally stalled on it for most of the last few months. I think I've finally got it figured out, though I've thought that before.

Tonight is Doctor Who watching night! Which I'm really looking forward to.

Couple of links:

The Night Bazaar: C.J. Cherryh's Advice for Writers You don’t get fame and fortune. The ones that hunt it tend to be obnoxious, and not people I like to hang out with. But being able to tell your friends is a good thing, and if your friends aren’t glad for you, you need new friends.

That last sentence is very true, and I've learned it the hard way, over and over again.

Inkpunks: The Dos and Don'ts of Your Online Presence What you should have on your pro website

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Yay for good news, whatever it may be!

It's not as cool as your good news! Congrats again!

Yeah, I was thinking of something like "Tales of the Three Worlds."

Glad to hear the good news about The Serpent Sea. I'm really looking forward to reading it :-)

Thanks! :) I'm really hoping they get the same cover artist.

Me too :-) That would be icing on the already delicious cake.

You know I am always rooting for you!

Makes me smile to hear something is going right, no matter what it is.

Thanks! :) It was good to see you at the signing!

I know! How did it get to be Monday again?

And hurrah for good news, whatever form it may take.

Heh... I'm in the stalled state with a book I'm working on, myself... probably gonna restructure it completely. A process I'm not really looking forward to, but... I got sick of flashbacks.

Thanks! And yeah, sometimes that's what it takes. I'm doing some massive restructuring too.

I can't wait to hear your good news! And I can't wait to have The Serpent Sea in my hands in book form! And I can't wait to read the work in progress!!

Hey you! Hope you're doing well!

And thanks! I really hope they get the same cover artist, and I can't wait to see what he does for the cover.

I love C. J. Cherryh's science fiction, glad she is still writing it since I can never seem to find any good NEW science fiction. It seems to me the best Sci-fi was done by authors who started in the 70's and 80's, but fantasy fell to the side, and now is the reverse. Thats just based on my reading though, by all means if anyone knows any really good newer Sci-fi let me know.

Is it really that chancy getting more books in a series published? I had always thought publishers went with the first set in a series (duology, trilogy, etc ) and decided if they wanted more of it depending on how that run went. I hate to think of picking up a good series and never getting to see how it ends :(

Cant wait for Serpent Sea!

It can be very chancy, especially now. If the first or second book doesn't do well (or even if it gets good sales, but doesn't do as well as the publisher wanted) the series can be dropped, even if the story isn't completed.

Thanks! :)

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