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Fried Green Tomatoes in My Backyard

Our garden bed is doing pretty well, for our first attempt to actually raise plants in our backyard that we could turn into food. The tomatoes are starting to come in, and I'm going to do a tomato pie today to use up a bunch of them. (recipe)

Yesterday I took the still green tomatoes and made fried green tomatoes. They were nummy. I've had them in restaurants before but never made them myself, mainly because you usually can't buy green tomatoes in the grocery store.

To make them, I sliced the tomatoes up (the inside is "meatier" not as juicy as a ripe tomato, more like the way some heirloom tomatoes are) then dredged them in a seasoned flour. (I have a seasoning I make up that's onion powder, paprika, and a little sugar, (it's also good with eggs), and I used that with salt and pepper.) I fried them in a little olive oil for about a minute to a minute and a half on each side. They turn out sweet, soft, and delicious.

I was going to link to the Atlas Obscura's list of islands you don't want to visit, but some of them were too horrible. This one is kind of cool, though: Ball's Pyramid.

Then there's Socotra Island, which is just neat, and not an island but also neat: Plitvice Lakes.

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Ball's Pyramid is a fascinating place, if only for its colony of the world's largest and rarest stick insects. So big they're like land lobsters...

Yes, those insects are fascinating! So weird that they managed to survive there.

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