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Got some stuff done this weekend. Re-watched some Doctor Who episodes to refresh my memory for an essay I'm writing, plus made a little advertising booklet for The Cloud Roads to hand out as a freebie at the conventions I'm going to. It's got the first chapter, plus the description, some blurbs, etc. The printing was expensive (would have been more expensive without the helpful Office Depot coupon) but I'm hoping it'll be a more effective promo item than just a bookmark or a card with the cover and book description on it.

Still working on the third Cloud Roads book, and I'm now back to the point where I like it again, and really hope the first two do well enough that the publisher will want to publish it, too.

Couple of articles:

From Bill Crider: Boston.com After Ike, a deluge of reinvention
Hotel employees whose homes were uninhabitable were invited by owner George Mitchell to move into the Galvez, with meals and lodging free of charge. After all, the luxury hotel still had to prepare for weddings and cruise passengers later that fall, while an $11 million renovation geared for the centennial was already underway.

“We could have said, "We're gone," and started over somewhere else, but we stayed," said chef concierge Jackie Hasan, 60, whose apartment building was condemned because of Ike damage. "We are the stewards of the people who came before us, who went through that terrible 1900 storm but said, we're going to stay, rebuild, and withstand the forces of nature thrown at us."

Jackie Kessler: Making the Darkness Visible
Heads up, WSJ: Life isn’t always beautiful and joyous. That’s not the real world; it never was. We just know more today about the issues that have been around for a long time — and we’ve come to a point where we’re not afraid to talk about these issues.

Speaking of conventions, here's my schedule for the rest of the year:

June 24-26. I'll be Guest of Honor at ApolloCon 2011, in Houston, Texas.

August 17-21. Renovation, the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention, in Reno, Nevada.

August 26-28. ArmadilloCon 33, in Austin, Texas.

November 11-13. I'll have a table at the Austin ComicCon, in Austin, Texas.

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Austin ComicCon, huh? Interesting.

Sadly, I won't be at any of those except ArmadilloCon.

Yay book three! I can't wait!

I'm looking forward to seeing you at ArmadilloCon! And I'm still stoked that you have an agent now. :)

We'll look forward to seeing you at Renovation and ArmadilloCon!

I'll see you there! This is my first WorldCon since 2006, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Also stoda's first ever, and my first since... let's see... ConStellation in 1983. We're so excited!

If you're going to be at Reno, can we have a meal together? I'd love to sit down and have some quality time in person!

Yes, that would be awesome!

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