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Getting ready to go to the doctor this morning, to see about the pain I've been having in my knees. I'm really hoping it isn't arthritis, or anything else that requires expensive medication, because what there is of our insurance is not that great at paying for expensive medication. I'm also afraid he'll basically tell me to stop my aerobics classes, and I really don't want to do that.

The good news was that it rained last night, really rained. We had a brief rain on Sunday that looked impressive for a few minutes but didn't really get enough into the ground to water the potted plants. This time, the ground is actually damp this morning. I've been seeing dying trees all over town, so hopefully this will help a little.

ETA: I think I lucked out with the knees. It looks like I have patellar tendonitis, don't have to stop aerobics but do have to go to physical therapy for three weeks. I don't have rough or crackly cartilage which is what I was afraid of.

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Arthritis pain relief acetaminophen seems to help, if that's any consolation.

If you can tolerate it, NSAID's are better for arthritis pain relief, though nothing beats demerol :-).

I have suffered from arthritis related pains and of all the OTC meds that i have taken Ibuprophen and plain asprin have been the best. Naprosin is okay, Acetametaphine does nothing for me, it just plain doesn't work.

Good luck at the doc.

Just my bit of info...Usually, the meds you get for knee problems are going to be NSAIDs, which are cheap cheap cheap. You're more likely to get physical therapy to strengthen your knees and possibly told to take a temporary break than told to quit altogether.

To add, the better Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are naprosyn and ibuprofen (including Motrin), with meloxicam being a candidate if your gut can't tolerate the first two. Acetaminophen is a weak anti-inflammatory. /end info-dump, with apologies.

Yep, he wants me to take aleve for three weeks straight, plus some physical therapy. It looks like it's just tendonitis, so hopefully that will do it.

Let us know what the doctor says. I pray you've just strained something and need to take it easy for a few days.

I just added an update to the post; it looks like I have patellar tendonitis, which is a relief. I have to do physical therapy and take naprosyn for two weeks, but hopefully that will help.

Not knowing enough about your knee pain to really be useful, but...

I've had several bouts of knee pain, going back to my thirties. I fully expect I'm in line for arthritis and knee replacements in the future, but in most of the serious flares so far, I've had a surprising amount of "cure" by looking at the shoes I'm wearing most often and either a) getting them fixed, and/or b) not wearing them every day, or c) replacing them them entirely with new/better shoes. I had to give up a certain brand of sandals, for example. I loved those sandals, but they didn't love me.

If the knee pain is a relatively recent phenomenon, it may be a simple biomechanical issue related to footwear.

And if it is something else, you should look at your shoes anyway, to reduce aggravation of whatever it turns out to be.

I just added an update to the post; it looks like I have patellar tendonitis, which is a relief.

I've had foot problems for a long time, and finally switched over to wearing Vivo Barefoots, a size larger than I normally wear, and that seems to take care of it. I still get foot pain, but it goes away if I sit down for 15 minutes or so, which it didn't before. Now there's at least two more companies doing "barefoot" shoes and sandals, including Nike.

Yay for patellar tendonitis!

I shall have to check out Vivo Barefoots. Thanks for the information.

Oh, and congrats on the rain. All we got in Houston yesterday was a reminder that rain exists.

Oh, and the company that makes the Vibram toe shoes also makes barefoot shoes that look like real shoes, and I think they're an easier brand to find.

The rain was a huge relief. I hope you guys get some soon.

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