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Taking Writing Questions

Having one of those mornings where it's extremely difficult to get started. I think it's a combination of too much hot weather plus too much weekend.

I've got some new friended people lately (hi, new friended people!).

Taking writing questions again: Ask me questions about writing in general, about publishing in general, about The Cloud Roads, about whatever, and I'll try to make some coherent answers, either here or in a later post.

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This is Natasha from Twitter. I was wondering if Cloud Roads is a stand alone or if there will be a series. =)

Hi, Natasha! Yes, there's a second book, The Serpent Sea, which should be out from Night Shade next year. It starts a short while after The Cloud Roads ends. I don't know the exact release date yet, but I'll post it when I do. And I'm working on a third book, but the publisher hasn't bought it yet.

And, since I'm stupid and didn't include this in the previous post, what your policy is on signing books/bookplates and what I'd have to do to acquire one. Sometimes I send off my books and pay for shipping both ways, and sometimes I pay for postage for smaller bookplates.

Just send me the bookplate(s) you want signed and include a self-addressed stamped envelope. And include a note letting me know if you want them personalized to you or just a signature. And I usually prefer to just do bookplates, because I'm always worried that a book sent here and back through the mail might get lost or damaged. But I will sign books if people really really want. (That's through the mail; I love to sign books in person at cons or bookstores, etc) (And I am going to be at the WorldCon in Reno this year if you happen to be going there.)

The address to send to is POB 15305, College Station, TX 77841.

Awesome, thanks! =D Unfortunately, I live in GA and go to college in TN so that's the extent of where I go all the time. But thanks! =D I will definitely send stuff to you!

In light of the post you linked to a few days ago (fantasy genres) what is your advice to someone who wants to write epic fantasy? Since it's unlikely to be published, are we just wasting our time?

I just recently read the City of Bones (and loved it) and my guess is that you don't intent to return to that world. But I was wondering, when you were writing it, if you had thoughts on how the lives of Elen and Khat would turn out and if you had any other idea or plans for the krismen or even that world in general. Would love to hear it.

I was also blown away by the original world building, not because I didn't expect it from you but because you've also built so many other original and fascinating worlds. I was wondering what is it that motivates you to keep creating new worlds instead of sticking to one universe the way some other authors do.

Purely out of curiosity (rather than out of actually hoping to sell anything):

I have the vague sense that it's possible to sell short stories, and it's possible to sell novels, but it's almost impossible to sell novellas/novelettes. (Too long for magazines or anthologies; too short for standalone books; books consisting of two or three novellas/novelettes are rare.)

Would you say this sense is at all accurate? And, speculatively, would you predict that the rise of ebooks might alter the future of novellas/novelettes in any way?

Martha, you've probably answered this somewhere else, but when do we get the ebook of The Death of the Necromancer??

Hey, Linda! Necromancer's been out of print since, I think 2002 or 2003, and recently my new agent has been trying to get a publisher to reprint it. I think we're waiting to see if Night Shade will take it; if they won't, I'll probably end up doing an ebook version myself. I'd really like to get it back out there.

I look forward to reading it in either case!

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