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Went to my first ever physical therapy appointment yesterday. It was interesting; it's basically a big gym with massage tables and treatment rooms along the sides. It looked a lot more fun than I was expecting and it was a lot more upbeat environment than most sections of the hospital.

One fun thing that I found out is that while I'm pretty much in the low middling end of strength and flexibility for my aerobics class, the therapist said I'm pretty good for a normal person. I aced all the tests where they have you hold your leg in an awkward position and then they try to force it down. (For someone who was labelled as a weak little girl for most of her life, that's kind of a big deal.) At one point she was waving my leg around and asking if I was this flexible all over, and I was thinking well, yeah, but this is not that flexible compared to the other people I work out with.

The good news is I got a diagnosis that was pretty good. My left leg is slightly curved from the knee down, and it's causing my foot to turn in in a weird way, which is pulling the knee over to the right side. (Your kneecap should actually be able to move around from side to side, diagonally, etc, which my right one (the one with patellar tendonitis) can do fine. My left kneecap sits to the right, though you can still push it if you try.) I think when I hurt my knee last summer, it made it less able to resist the pull to the right, which is why it's been hurting. I got a list of exercises to do, and need to buy new shoes with pronation control for aerobics, though we compromised on letting me keep my barefoot shoes for walking, since they do keep my feet from hurting.

The bad news is, I can't afford any more regular appointments. Even with insurance, they would be $186.00 a pop until I meet the deductible, and the deductible is far, far away. I have a re-evaluation appointment scheduled for three weeks from now, and hopefully I'll be pain-free or pain managed by that point, because otherwise I can't afford much more than this.

I've got some errands this morning, so I'll do another answering questions post tomorrow.


PW: There will be an auction to help with L.A. Banks' medical expenses

CoolVibe: Superconductor a flying island that reminds me of The Cloud Roads

Evil Sunday: Paris' 19th Century Hell's Cafe Now this looks like something from Ile-Rien.

Writer Beware: Book Marketing Methods that Don't Work Galveston's Juneteenth Events Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Galveston Island and the Juneteenth Coalition remember this holiday with a series of celebrations held June 11 - June 18.

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I lucked out when I had physical therapy (years ago), since it was covered by worker's comp. At least you have an idea of what may help, from what they did in there.

Yes, I feel pretty lucky it's all things I can do at home.

That's always a fortunate thing.

That sucks about the insurance. Just more evidence that insurance companies are more about health care obstruction than health care facilitation.

That Hell's Cafe is kind of awesome.

Yeah, they've got to do something to force the insurance companies to actually give the coverage you pay for. This is getting crazy.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed Cloud Roads! :)

I've been wearing barefoot shoes for a couple of years for my feet (the ones I have now are made by the same company that makes the Fivefingers shoes) but they just don't work for my knees. I think the weight workouts I do in class are a little too much for them.

I should think you'd be all right if you keep up the exercises.Good news, at least, that something can be done!

I think so too. And yes, I was so relieved it wasn't a cartilage problem or something else that couldn't be fixed!

186 a pop! Oh, that's just awful!

It's crazy. I feel very lucky I can probably get by without it, but there's got to be a lot of people out there who can't.

I think I said elsewhere that each of my 5? 6? visits to the PT were fairly identical, so hopefully you can repeat what you got the first time and that will help.

Good luck!

It's all in the comparison group. Glad you found out you were much better than you thought. :) I sincerely hope the strengthening exercises help.

Thank you! :) Yes, it was a big relief.

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