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Clarion West Write-a-Thon

First off, courtesy of dreamhost, my email is down. So if you're emailing me, I can't tell.


The Cloud Roads, and many other lovely books, are on The Book Smugglers' List of the Best Books of 2011 So Far

Charles Saunders has a new book out! Damballa It's an adventure pulp story set in 1930s Harlem.

Liz Hand linked to NPR: 'Good Stuff': Cary Grant's Daughter On Growing Up

Clarion West Write-a-Thon:

I've signed up for the Clarion West Write-a-Thon here. You can see the other writers listed here

Read about what Clarion West is here. Clarion West is a nonprofit literary organization and is committed to equal opportunity. Although there are fine science fiction and fantasy writers of all ethnicities, races, and genders, historically the field has reflected the same prejudices found in the culture around it, leading to proportionately fewer successful writers of color and women writers than white male writers. Within the limitations of the workshop, Clarion West is dedicated to improving those proportions.

The goal of the Write-a-Thon is: Our goal now is to get 270 Write-a-thon donors. We'll gladly accept donations of any amount. Now till July 29 you can support Write-a-thon authors doing their best by donating to Clarion West when they accomplish their goals: help them, help the workshop, and help yourself as you sponsor the creation of more writing you'll want to read.

My writing goal is to write at least 15,000 words on the draft of the novel I'm currently working on. It's the next book in the Cloud Roads series, set after The Serpent Sea. (I didn't get much done yesterday because I was trying not to beat a scanner to death.)

My dilemma is that people are supposed to post snippets of their writing to encourage donations, but I don't want to spoil readers on the third book when the second book isn't out yet. So I've made a poll:

Poll #1753739 Which Snippets?
This poll is closed.

Would you like to see snippets from:

The Cloud Roads
The Serpent Sea
The Third Book Because I Like Spoilers
Random Stuff from Martha's Other Books and Stories
Random Stuff from Random People's Books and Stories

Whatever it is, I'll post it behind an lj cut so people can skip it at will.

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The third book, because I'm evil like that. >=3

I voted The Serpent Sea, but if there had been a two clicky box option, I would have put in for the third book, too. Snippets from anything that's not out in the wild yet sound lovely. :)

Log my vote for all of the first four options!

That sucks about Dreamhost's email problem, hope it doesn't last long. Are you happy with them otherwise? (I've been looking for a new webhost, and many people in fandom seem to be using Dreamhost.)

It looks like it's back now. I'm generally pretty happy with them. I've had far fewer outtages since they moved me to a new server a couple of years ago. The last one I can remember was a hardware failure that I think happened last year.

I put the third book because it does seem to make marginally more sense to post snippets of the actual project being paid for -- but I'd be fine with any of options 2, 3 or 4.

Random stuff you've written, maybe even bits of stuff you've never published. :)

Congratulations on the accolades! And I'm very excited for you doing the Clarion West Write-A-Thon.

::grins:: If you're worried about spoilers, what about random snippets from research you're doing/have done for the book? No matter what, this will be fun.

I can haz anything Ile-Rien related? :D

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