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Stargate Monuments


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We also toured the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, which has a giant (very giant) water tank, filled with mock-ups of the shuttle and the space station modules, where the astronauts train for space walks. And the Antarctic Meteorite Collection lab.

That's me, my husband, and Ann VanderMeer, who is editor guest of honor.

These are some of the modules that were moved outside the pool for maintenance.

The pool is very large. Think of how big the shuttle is and how big the space station is and imagine them sitting in a pool with a lot of other stuff. No, bigger than that.

The shuttle mock-up.

A module being lowered into the giant pool by the equally giant crane. One of the computers was reflecting an image into the glass, that's what that "windows" logo is.

We also went to the Antarctic Meteorite Collection.

The meteorites are collected in Antarctica and come from various asteroids, the moon, and Mars. They're put into the cabinets to be tested and examined, so they won't be contaminated by anything in the air.

Me demonstrating putting your hands into the gloves to work inside the cabinets. Ignore my expression, I'm terrible at having my picture taken.

Me and Big Lou. Big Lou actually fell to earth twice. Once when it came from space, and once when it was being lifted in a crate by a helicopter, and it broke through the bottom of the crate. Big Lou is very heavy.

I still have a lot of photos to go, and a lot more to talk about, but I need to get dressed and eat breakfast and go to the convention. Today I have my guest of honor interview and reading and a signing, and a panel. Plus, this is the one year anniversary of Night Shade Books making an offer for The Cloud Roads. So yay!

Continued in this post.


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