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WorldCon Schedule

While I wish I was at ComicCon now, at least I will actually be at WorldCon next month. This is my first one since 2006.


Thu 10:00 - 12:00, Writers Workshop, Section E (Workshop), Naples5 (Peppermill)
This is an event you had to sign up for in advance and submit a story. We'll be workshopping with three participants.
Gregory A. Wilson, Martha Wells

Thu 4:00 - 5:00, Writing Non-Human Characters (Panel), A05 (RSCC)
In writing a fantasy or SF story, how do you create non-human characters that are more than just humans with funny ears attached?
Carol Berg (M), Amy Thomson, Robert J. Sawyer, Martha Wells

Thu 8:00pm? Party Hosted by Night Shade Books Debut Authors, in Atlantis suite 1535
This party is for everybody, so come on by.


Fri 11:00 - 12:00, The Continuing Popularity of Jane Austen (Panel), A05 (RSCC)
Jane Austen remains very popular, including among SF fans. Her books continue to be read, and they've spawned numerous movies as well as a number of spin off novels. The panel discusses Austen's continuing popularity.
Darlene Marshall (M), Brenda W.Clough, Ellen Asher, Madeleine E. Robins, Martha Wells

Fri 1:00 - 2:00, Autographing: Fri 13:00 (Autographing), Hall 2 Autographs (RSCC)
Robin Hobb, Lucienne Diver, Carol Berg, Sharon Shinn, Sean McMullen, Patricia Briggs, Kim Stanley Robinson, Martha Wells

Fri 2:00 - 3:00, KaffeeKlatsch: Fri 14:00 (KaffeeKlatsch), KK1 (RSCC)
Martha Wells
This is a thing where you sign up and we sit around and talk for about 50 minutes. So please sign up! (At this point we may be talking about how tired we are.)


Sat 12:00 - 12:30, Reading: Martha Wells (Reading), A15 (RSCC) Martha Wells

Sat 1:00 - 2:00, The Comeback Genre: Sword & Sorcery (Panel), A16 (RSCC)
Sword and Sorcery has a rich history, going back to at least Howard and Smith. And it's making a comeback. Our panelists talk about its rich history and why it's back and better than ever.
Lou Anders (M), Dale Ivan Smith, S.M. Stirling, Martha Wells

Sat 5:00 - 6:00, Designing Believable Archeaology and Anthropology (Panel), A03 (RSCC)
Using anthropology and archaeology to build realistic SF and fantasy worlds.
Martha Wells (M), Rachel Swirsky, Jessica Axsom, S.M. Stirling

And a link:

SF Novelists: Birds, Dinosaurs, and the Secret Life of Labels by Chris Moriarty

Well, another month has passed, and here is another post from me that contains more questions than answers. This post is particularly question-ridden because it arises from a very recent experience that I’m still digesting. I went to Readercon last weekend, where I spoke on several panels about gender in science fiction. Most of those panels turned into discussions not of gender in the abstract, but of women in science fiction. And specifically of the problem of there not being enough of them.

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Oh, I hope you enjoy it!

I'm really looking forward to it!

Worldcon woo!!! I'm happy you're going, and wish I was too--not so much to Nevada in August, I admit, but to Conspace, that mythical space where fans meet and have fun and hang out at the bar together.

But I see there's a Texas bid for 2013 (where I hope they make you GoH, hah) and a London bid for 2014, so one of those should be a good bet...

Hope you have a wonderful time, and your panels sound awesome.

Did you see next year it's in Chicago? If you come to that one, I could carry you away to visit down here again afterward. Or you could visit here first and I could carry you up there to WorldCon. :)

Mary, it's at the convention center, which is attached to the resort we're staying at by an air conditioned overpass/walkway thingie. Once we step into the hotel, we won't have to leave the a/c the entire time! :->

Not quite! Atlantis is attached to the convention center, but the Peppermill, where they're holding the masquerade and the Hugo Awards at least is up the street. There are shuttle buses, supposedly.

If we absolutely need to leave site, we'll do so in my air-conditioned car. :->

Heee, I see you are well-prepared, and yay! Glad you're going too. :-)

I did see WC is in Chicago next year, and will keep it in mind -- a VVC-Martha-WC combo would be such fun. Though if SO and I are going back to Japan in 2012 like we hope to do (year of the DRAGON, baby) then probably that will be it for far, expensive journeys that year...

OMG, it was in 2006? Wow. That seems like forever ago!!!

And I will have to tell my SIL if they all want to get together Saturday, it will have to be AFTER 6:00 PM, because that sounds like an awesome panel. :->

Doesn't it? It's freaky how much has happened since then. In 2006 I couldn't even get on the WorldCon program; a friend in programming added me to some panels after I got there. :)

All sound like wonderful panels. I wish I could go.

WorldCon gave me a kit-bashing for chicks workshop of MY VERY OWN. I cannot WAIT. We need tog et together and hug on one another A WHOLE LOT, ys?

Yes! Maybe we can get together and have a drink or something?

ABSOLUTELY. I'll PM you my mobile number.

Cool, glad you'll be there!

Wow, looks like you'll be busy! Do you know if the schedule is publicly released yet or are they pinging participants to weed out conflicts, etc?

And, yeah!! I can get the new books signed!

I don't think it's gone up on the web site yet as the official schedule, but from what they said that should happen in another week or so.

Wish I could be there!

Speaking of non-human main characters/protagonists, anyone know of any (or a list) that are non-human but NOT just intillegent animals? Whenever I search for any books or lists for non-human mains, I always just get references to books like Silverwing, Redwall, and White Fang. Fantasy or Si-fi, or whatever genre is fine.

Well, The Cloud Roads is the only one I can think of now. :) Though I'm sure Andre Norton did some. I feel like we may have done a rec list for that in the comments of this LJ a year or so ago, but I can't find it. It may be time to do another one.

C.J. Cherryh, Compact Space. Start with The Pride of Chanur. Possibly Rider at the Gates for an sort-of-equine alien race (they are telepathic but they're carnivores). A current series starts with Foreigner.

Because they're fresh in my mind,

Diane Duane, Middle Kingdoms. The Door Into Fire, ...Into Shadow, and ...Into Sunset. They were just released as ebooks. Also her Young Wizards series which starts with So You Want to be a Wizard.

Hee. Cluth Turtles from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. They show up in Agent of Change.

My brain's still trying to wake, so that's all I can come up with without hitting the shelves.

A search on Google groups in rec.arts.sf.written should turn some lists as "Who does good aliens?" gets asked relatively frequently.

I have C. J. Cherryh's stuff, Pride of Chanur was a good read, and Im up to date on her Foreigner Series. Havent heard of the other stuff though, thanks!

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