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This morning I need to go to the library and then the grocery store. Oh the giddy round of an author's life! Then I'm going to come back and write a bunch more.

ETA: Oh, meant to say, I have a post coming up this Sunday on The Night Bazaar, on favorite SF/F worlds and cultures, and I'm having trouble narrowing it down to just a few.

The full WorldCon schedule is now online. My schedule is here.

tingler linked me to this on Inhabitat: Vegetated Floating Island In The Sky Goes Missing From UK Music Festival
Two things occur to me: 1) I want it and 2) I hope it doesn't kill anybody when it falls down.

Here's the web site of the artist doing the cover of The Serpent Sea: Steve Argyle

kateelliott links to the second round of Clarkesworld Magazine Part Two of its Epic Fantasy Roundtable
"If you've not grown up being told you shouldn't be who you are"

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I love that the pocket schedule for Renovation is 73 pages long. That's some pocket!

Yes, it's "pocket" like the "pocket" maps of the world and "pocket" dictionaries. :)

I see Steve Argyle already painted an Aeriat, or were you inspired by his artwork? ;-)

Oh cool, I hadn't seen that one! I can see why they picked him as the artist. :)

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