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I got good news yesterday: The Cloud Roads first royalty statement came, and it earned out its advance. That's a huge relief! It hasn't happened to me very often. :)


Yesterday the car radio said the high temperature felt like 112 in the shade, and 120 in direct sunlight. I looked at Weather Underground this morning and one of the nearby towns had "not reporting" listed for its weather status, and I thought, well, they're probably all dead over there. I've been putting water out for squirrels and birds, and feel very lucky to have an inside to go back to.

I'm enjoying the new season of Eureka a lot, and the new Project Runway and True Blood, and waiting impatiently for more Doctor Who and Sherlock. Apparently we have to wait until next year for more Psych.


Zoe-trope: You Can Stuff Your Mary-Sue Where the Sun Don't Shine
Maybe it's because the reviewers in question, the reviewers who keep saying 'Mary-Sue' as if it was all that needed to be said, don't want to have to explain the reasons why a particular character didn't work for them. Maybe it's because their reasons for finding these female characters just too obnoxious, unrealistic, stupid, passive, badass or talented are just as contradictory and badly defined as the term itself. Maybe it's because the reason they don't like the female characters isn't that they're just too...anything. Except just too...female.

Tamora Pierce: I am one majorly unhappy camper on the new network TV shows this fall, especially Playboy Club

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Yay The Cloud Roads, yayayayay!

Oh, good news on The Cloud Roads! Congratulations.

I'm very, very pleased that it's earned out! Great news before worldcon, eh?


one of the nearby towns had "not reporting" listed for its weather status, and I thought, well, they're probably all dead over there.

*snerk* Hard to believe it's probably going to be cooler in Reno, huh? Oh, and my brother wants to take us all out to that irish pub for happy hour. He says he wants to get you guys drunk so you can tell stories about me. I dunno. :-> Anyway, I'll need to go through your schedule again to see when there's time!

Ooh, Irish pub! Remember we're doing dinner on Friday night before the masquerade in a group with Sharon Shinn, plus I'm doing lunch Saturday with my editor.

I NEED to catch up on True Blood and the books, it's been way to long. Interesting link about Mary Sue's! I went over there and left my opinion on the matters it gave me a lot to think about. Also wholeheartedly agree with Tamora Pierce (love that woman <3).

Congrats on selling out the advance! That's always great news.

Congrats on earning out! Royalties!!!

Congrats on earning out, that's wonderful!! (But then, so is the book!)

Congratulations, may you have lots more lovely royalties from now on at the end of the long tail!

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Congrats on the The Cloud Roads good news!

And thanks for the MarySue link. That was a great blog post.

Congrats on Cloud Roads! Just picked up my permanent copy this week after devouring the library's copy over my vacation. Loved it - kept sneaking away from the family reunion to read 'just one more chapter'!

Congratulations on Cloud Roads!

Mandy congratulations on Cloud Roads! Bodes well for your next sale, correct?

Awesome news on Cloud Roads -- congrats!

And thanks for linking to Tamora Pierce's post about the upcoming TV shows... OMG, -so- true. And depressing.

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