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I'm feel like I'm very busy, but not getting much done, and worrying a lot about stuff like the drought, lack of money, the world, etc.

Is there anything in particular anybody would like me to write a post about? Writing, publishing, my books, other people's books, etc.

My friend Katie Cowden found this and sent it to me, and I share it, for it is awesome.


Cynthia Leitich Smith: G. Neri on On the Trail to Ghetto Cowboy & Signed Book Giveaway This novel is based on a real neighborhood.

The article showed a neighborhood in the worst part of North Philadelphia—an inner city rife with gang violence. But this wasn’t your ordinary low-income neighborhood.

It had black cowboys.

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What are some of your favorite untold bits of background or story from any of your books -- details about characters/places/background info/etc that didn't make into a book, or parts of story that ultimately didn't have a place in the overall story, but not for lack of love?

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