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WorldCon Week plus First Chapter of The Serpent Sea

WorldCon in Reno is this week and for once in a long time, I'm going! My schedule is here. I'll be getting there around noon on Wednesday :knock on wood: to establish basecamp before my roommates get there.

I'll try to post on Facebook and Twitter (my Twitter is public and can be seen here), though I don't know about Google+. I'll have my iPad with me and Atlantis apparently has free Wifi (with or without the Ancient gene) but I do have some trouble using touchscreens because of my hand issues, so I don't know how coherent my posts will be. (This is why I don't have a smartphone; the iPad is almost big enough that I can use it comfortably.)

Thing of AUGH: twice this weekend it clouded over, got dark, windy, thundered and lightninged, and did. not. rain. So the drought continues unabated and trees are dying all over the place.

Fun thing: for people who aren't going to WorldCon, I've posted the first chapter of The Serpent Sea on my website here. It's spoilery if you haven't read The Cloud Roads yet.


Review of The Cloud Roads: Remember When Fantasy Books Were AWESOME? Thoughts on The Cloud Roads

Neat article on WorldCon: Renovation

YouTube: Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death Rowan Atkinson as Doctor Who

Bad Reputation: The Representation of Women in Fantasy: What’s the Problem? – a guest post by author Juliet E McKenna

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I'm sorry that your hands are still bugging you that much...

Have fun at WorldCon. Your signing looks like it's going to be a great group ;o)

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it. (Now I'm just worried that the flight will actually leave and get there on time, and the airline will actually let me have the seat I paid for and not overbook and make the passengers fight for it.)

How many Martha Wells are on FB, anyway? I tried looking you up, and there's a proverbial wall!

Have fun at WorldCon!

I'm here: but it's generally the same posts as on Twitter and Google+.


Thanks. I sent the friend request through. Twitter's too short for some longer posts, and LJ has been, well... So, better to be safe, than sorry, right?

Oh, have fun at World Con - I'd love to go this year, but not enough time or money this time around. I'm thinking maybe Chicago next year, though!

Thanks! I definitely want to go to the one in Chicago next year, too.

For everyone who can't go to Worldcon to see Martha, I will be hosting Littercon at our place. We'll have panels where people will be allowed to empty the litter boxes, along with signings for people who empty the litter boxes, and a reading for when people are emptying the litter boxes.

I'll also be awarding the John W. Litterbox award for best emptying of a litterbox.

Have a great time at WorldCon--and save a little energy for ArmadilloCon!

Was fantastic to meet you at Reno. Hope to see you at Chicon next year. Or maybe somewhere else. I hadn't been to an SF convention in nearly 20 years, and I had a lot more fun than I'd expected.

Thanks, it was great to meet you too! Glad you could come to the koffeeclatsch. I think I'll definitely be going to Chicago, since I had such a good time at this one.

If you wind up anywhere near Ames, IA, before then, let me know and I'll try to return the restaurant favor.

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