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Getting ready to leave for ArmadilloCon tomorrow. I'm trying to decide whether to read chapter 2 or chapter 3 of The Serpent Sea for my reading.

It actually rained yesterday, for the first time in nearly three months!!!! It was a short but fairly violent storm, with the trees bending like they did when hurricane Ike came through. It's been sprinkling again this morning, but probably won't last long. They said the drought will go on until January, so this is probably just a brief respite.

Kate Elliott: A Giveaway for Cold Fire, the sequel to Cold Magic You want these books. I can't wait for the next one to come out. They are "an Afro-Celtic post-Roman icepunk Regency fantasy adventure with airships, Phoenician spies, and the intelligent descendents of troodons." and they rock.

NY Times: Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? The answer to that is yes. Seriously, read this article.
This sort of decision fatigue can make quarterbacks prone to dubious choices late in the game and C.F.O.’s prone to disastrous dalliances late in the evening. It routinely warps the judgment of everyone, executive and nonexecutive, rich and poor — in fact, it can take a special toll on the poor. Yet few people are even aware of it, and researchers are only beginning to understand why it happens and how to counteract it.

Wirewalking: Bake and Book Sale to Save a House Please pass it on.

From Aliette de Bodard: Asian Historical Architecture a resource site with 1000s of photos and descriptions.

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For the decision fatigue, I've wondered if I'd find anything, Googling low-cal glucose-filled snacks. :p

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