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Back From ArmadilloCon

Got back from ArmadilloCon late yesterday afternoon, and I'm still tired. It was a great con, but after the rain we had last week, the temperature shot up to over 108 here and in Austin for the past few days, and has left everything lightly fried, if not dead.

Very worried by all the hurricane news, too. There's a three other tropical storms pointed towards us at the moment, and one about to descend on Taiwan.

All four panels I was on went really well, especially the cover panel on Sunday morning with Lou Anders, Paolo Bacigalupi, Brad Foster, Rockey Kelley, Rick Klaw, and me. Lou Anders had us send covers to him that we wanted to talk about and assembled a power point presentation (so we could actually show the audience the covers) and also some slides showing how covers are developed from sketches, with the publisher choosing which versions they want to go with.

Also pointing out that authors rarely get input except sometimes towards the end of the process, and talking a bit about how books get face-outs in bookstores, and the placement on the "new books" tables at the front. (The publisher buys those spaces from the chain bookstores, then has to convince the chains which of their books to put there. The chains want the ones with the covers they think will sell best, which is not always the books the publisher wants most to push.)

And I have a link:

Writers and Pellets by Tobias Buckell

The neurotic behavior persists at all levels of writing. It isn't necessarily the writer's fault.

The reason for this is writing, as well as many of the arts, are fundamentally (but accidentally) designed to create horrible psychological atmospheres that are very conducive to creating neuroses if you aren't paying attention. Because the reward systems for artistic success aren't predictable. Which really fucks with the animal brain.

It really doesn't help if you're already neurotic. And it's also a reason why writers can be so vulnerable to depression.
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