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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

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Stargate Monuments

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The fire news is really not good. Here's the map of all the current fires: http://ticc.tamu.edu/Response/FireActivity/default.aspx

They're saying the worst one, the Bastrop fire, is still 0% contained. 25,000 acres have burned, 476 homes destroyed. The Austin American Statesman has info, plus if you want to panic accurately you can follow @statesman and @txstormchasers on Twitter, plus #centraltxfires

The Red Cross is taking donations and has some info on evacuation centers.

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We're safe, just very freaked out. We live in Bryan, but the fires are further away from us than it looks on that map. Very worried about everybody else nearby, though.

Whoa - I just looked at where that is on the map, and I'd be freaked out too. I hope everything goes OK.

I was actually reading an article just recently in Audubon magazine about how much worse the problem of wildfires has gotten in recent years, due to a variety of environmental factors...

We're okay here, so far. I think we've been very lucky.

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