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The wind has died down though you can smell smoke in the air all over town today. I don't know the totals, but the Bastrop fire alone is at 29,000 acres. Here's the fire map this morning:

The Red Cross is taking donations, plus if you here in state, various places are taking donations of food, clothes, etc for the 1000s of people who've lost their homes, donations of hay and grain for evacuated livestock, and donations for evacuated pets. KVUE lists places in Austin taking donations.

Austin Pets Alive took in most of the animals from the animal shelter in Bastrop, and needs donations, and is also having free dog adoptions. I'd be tempted, but there is actually firey death between us and Austin, so I can't get over there.


Everyone Can Promote Equality In Genre Writing
by Juliet E. McKenna

Book I'm reading: Vampire Forensics by Mark Collins Jenkins
It's a non-fiction look at vampire folklore and legends, and attempts to find their origins in epidemics, etc. Really interesting.

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Thanks for the linkie to Austin Pets, I'm going to go leave them so love now.

I think they're saying that the Austin Humane Society has all the cats.

It's scary stuff. Don't cross the line of fiery death, ok? Last night the banks of smoke on the easter horizon looked like a storm front. (I wish)

Ironically, the weather here in downtown Austin is kind of awesome this morning.

It really is. At least the lower temperatures make the firefighters less likely to get heat exhaustion.

Yikes - looks the fires are getting closer to where you are! :-( Do you think you're likely to get evacuated?

It's not as close as it looks, and I think we're too far into town to be in danger. People who live on the outskirts, subdivisions etc will be evacuating towards us.

Ugh! Most of our fires got licked last week. Hate to see it still going on in Texas where the herds already have too little to graze on...

Yeah, this is unreal, it's so bad.

Ugh, this is horrible. But at the same time I'm really glad to hear you're safe from the fires.

Thanks :) I'm feeling this weird combination of sick, depressed, and lucky.

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User cynleitichsmith referenced to your post from Cynsational News & Giveaways saying: [...] is that baby food and dog food are in great demand. Source for donations information: Martha Wells [...]

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