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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

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Stargate Monuments

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Fires are still going. Is the national news even reporting this? When this is over, if it's ever over, I'm afraid we're going to be living in a green island surrounded by Mordor. It's sickening to watch what this is doing to the people, the homes, the pets, the land, the trees, the wildlife, the livestock.

The Leon county fire, the one nearest us is at 70% containment, hopefully. The Bastrop fire is supposed to be at 30% containment but has already destroyed 38,089 acres and destroyed 576 homes. That's the total for one fire, not all of them. There's a photo gallery here. This museum was burnt to the ground but as someone on Facebook said, it's hard to keep track of all the stuff being destroyed. One report said that all but 50 to 100 acres of the pines covering the 6,000-acre Bastrop State Park are burned, and they don't have high hopes for the endangered species of toad that lives there.

For Bryan and College Stationites: The El Cerrito Animal Clinic in Bryan is accepting donations for animals displaced by the wildfires in the Brazos Valley:

Food for cats and dogs, Cat Litter, Bedding, Blankets, Horse Food, Livestock Feed, Hay, They are also accepting monetary donations. They are behind the Village Foods grocery store, almost at the corner of 29th and Barak, just next to the Shell Station.

The Red Cross is taking donations, plus if you here in state, various places are taking donations of food, clothes, etc for the 1000s of people who've lost their homes, donations of hay and grain for evacuated livestock, and donations for evacuated pets. KVUE lists places in Austin taking donations.



Publishers Weekly Genreville blog has a summary of the Orson Scott Card rewrites Hamlet as homophobic bowlderized piece of crap The Offensiveness Grenade In 2008, the Science Fiction Book Club published an anthology called The Ghost Quartet, edited by Marvin Kaye, which contained a novella by Orson Scott Card called “Hamlet’s Father”. Tor Books reprinted the anthology. No one appeared to notice that the novella rather painfully rewrote Hamlet to postulate that Hamlet’s father was an evil gay child molester who preyed upon the youth of Denmark.

Scott Lynch posted "Our gayness and our gilt are all besmirch'd...", taking on Henry V:
Henry walked into the council chamber.

"We're totally going to beat the French," said Henry. "You guys think so too, right?"

Everyone did.

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It's being covered out here in NYC, although mostly on the late news, not the early (which tends to be more localized). Print press has definite coverage and of course, the Internet is carrying the first-hand news to the rest of us, as usual.

As to the OSC flap... the fact that he rewrote something to be a) boring and b) offensive is not exactly news, nor is the fact that it was ignored when it first came out (Oh, "OSC is being offensive again"). What is surprising me, in this recent flap, is that some people seem to think that because it's old (3 years past) that it shouldn't be held up for scrutiny now in the reprint? Also, the SFBC edition probably did not have a high profile, so it didn't get picked up on by folk who blog about such things. Now it has, and people are noting it. Good.

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