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The Cloud Roads

The Serpent Sea final cover

Just got back from jury duty. It was municipal (traffic) court, so it didn't take very long. We did get a half-hour break at one point at it was very near downtown, so I went to a bakery/cafe and had kolaches and tea. The bad part was that I had to run a gauntlet of very tasty Mexican restaurants preparing for lunch, but didn't have time to stop and eat any of the wonderful things I could smell.

And I came home to the final cover for The Serpent Sea (if you go to that link to my website, you can click on the cover image and see the full version, back and front).

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That is SUCH a beautiful cover. Yay!

I'm really happy with it.

The cover is gorgeous!

Very nice cover! I really enjoy what they did with the font layering there. AND your name is a bit bigger than on the previous one, I believe ^^.

Thanks! I like the fonts and lettering, too.

Lovely cover! I like the brief on the back cover, too. It makes me even more eager to have the book in my hands.

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(Deleted comment)

I can't believe I'll have another book out so soon. After three years of nothing, I can barely believe this is happening!

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That is an exceedingly pretty cover! Hurray for you! And hurray for not succumbing to temptation. We recently discovered a Mexican food truck not far from us that sells yummy oversized quesadillas, a family fave, so I sympathize with your willpower.

Thanks! :)

And today I get to go to an excellent Mexican place for lunch!

Wow, that is beautiful. *wants*

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