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We actually got rain yesterday! Not a lot, but enough to make puddles. And it's 70 now and only supposed to get up to 92! This is a huge cold front, I may need a sweater. Actually, after months of 100+ days broken up only by killer-low humidity which helped spark gigantic fires, this is a huge relief.

I'm mostly writing and have nothing interesting to report.

tingler asked for more snippets, so here's a very short one from The Serpent Sea (coming out in January)

Later Moon went back to the teachers' hall, but found that in a frenzy of organization, the Arbora had moved everyone into newly-cleaned bowers. He found the one Jade had been moved into, a good-sized room on the far side of the nurseries, with a balcony looking out onto the stairwell and an intricately carved ceiling. Furs and cushions had been arranged on the floor for seating areas, there were warming stones in the hearth basin, and the blankets were piled into the big hanging bed. Moon found his fur blanket on top and took that as a good sign that he was living here too. He slung himself up into the bed for a nap.

Jade woke him sometime later, climbing atop him for sex before he had a chance to ask how things were going with the books. Afterward, she fell asleep, and he lay there stroking the frills along her back, thinking of how much he wanted to live here with her. He would live anywhere with her, but here was his first choice.

He drifted off again, and next time woke to Merit knocking on the bottom of the bed. "Jade? Flower says she found something."


Marie Brennan: Followup on "Say Yes to Gay YA" This is a complicated situation, but this post explains it very well.

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Man, this snippet reminded me just how much I wanted a hanging basket bed after reading The Cloud Roads...

92? Wow, you lucked out with that cold front!

Yay for rain! Is it helping to get the fires under control?

I think it'll help more in prevention than in putting them out.

I'm glad to hear that the weather is starting to work with you. Love the snippet. Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad you got some rain. I've been trying to wish some of the excess rain we've been getting towards Texas but for some reason that hasn't been working.

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