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The Serpent Sea

Chapter Two of The Serpent Sea Posted

I just posted chapter two of The Serpent Sea as a teaser for the book. The direct link is here. Chapter one is there too, but if you use the direct link, you need to scroll up to see it. Basically, it's early in the morning here, and what I'm trying to say is that chapter one and two are both there. Also the currently active preorder links.


I will be out of contact with the internet for large portions of the rest of the week. I have Cold Fire by Kate Elliott and Ganymede by Cherie Priest and I intend to read both of them. Probably not at the same time.

Oh, and The Cloud Roads was reviewed by Fantasy Book Cafe, who said The Cloud Roads was an engaging, absorbing novel.


If you missed it yesterday, I have a new guest post on the Night Bazaar: Don’t Let Then Take Your Reynards

The Death of the Necromancer, published in 1998, was my third novel, and my first with a new publisher, Avon Eos. Everything went fine through the editorial process, right up until I received the copyedit, and found that one of the major supporting characters, Captain Reynard Morane, had been all but removed from the book. And it happened that Reynard was gay.


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Oh I loved Necromancer and I am so very glad you stood up for Reynard, even if it gave you a semi-hysterical sleepless night.

I just finished The Cloud Roads, and I really enjoyed it. I'm tempted to go read the new chapters, but I know I'll just get frustrated at not being able to read the whole thing right away!

Thank you very much! Very glad you liked it!

Very glad your awesome Reynard survived that bizarre copyediting debacle. WTF comes to mind. =/

Also, much cheering here for the Fantasy Book Cafe with their very smart (and very spot on) review!

I hate to say this, but isn't it Don't let TheM take your Reynards ? That slipped past me until this post, so I thought it was just this message, but it's then at Night Bazaar, too.

Ack, thanks, I'll fix it.

My friend got me Cloud Roads signed at Armadillocon and I was sad to miss the Serpent Sea reading. She tormented me with talk of submarines.

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